The office of the future will be redesigned, flexible, and virtual – A White Paper by oVice

On its 2nd anniversary, oVice is releasing a report “Evolution of the office: lessons from the past and roadmap for the future” exploring the change of attitude to the concept of the office over the last three years.

The white paper delves deeper into the state of office management before the global lockdown, highlighting the challenges of the traditional approach. It also focuses on exploring the trends set in motion by the pandemic – remote work and collaboration tools – and offers three visions of the development of the office of the future.

Download the full white paperby filling out the form, to recap the key milestones that led to office space transformation and learn more about the trends that will drive RTO and office design in the next five years.

The report shows that, before the pandemic, traditional office spaces failed to effectively connect teams for collaborative work and casual conversations.

During the pandemic, the shift to remote work disrupted office operations, as 50 million Americans were now working from home.

The white paper recaps the benefits organizations experienced after the transition: flexibility, inclusion, and higher productivity.