Security Policies

oVice Provides a Safe and Secure Virtual Space 🔒

We provide a level of security that can be adopted by startups, small businesses, and large enterprises.


oVice encrypts all data to prevent the risk of information leakage and falsification that could occur on internet-based services using SSL/TLS. We don’t keep your communication data, including multimedia, on our server, instead, they are safely encrypted through the service. This applies to meeting records, screen sharing, video calling, etc.

Certified High Security Level

We have acquired the international standard ISO / IEC 27001, which is also registered by major security companies, and operate in accordance with strict security standards.

oVice Privacy policy

oVice, Inc. (including our subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us” or “our”), hereby stipulates Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as this “Privacy Policy”) as the basic matters necessary to be observed in order to properly manage and operate Personal Information obtained by us through “oVice” service (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) provided by us, and shall handle Personal Information properly. Obtaining Personal Information In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means personal information defined in…

Information Security Policy

Basic Information Security Policy We are engaged in the business of providing virtual spaces online, and the importance of maintaining reliability in that business is extremely important not only for customers but also for society. Our greatest responsibility is to maintain a high level of confidentiality of our customers’ information and to maintain a very stable information system environment. In addition, all employees must be aware that our oVice business is built on the trust of our…