oVice Guest Posting Guidelines

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oVice Blog is a publication covering hybrid work, leadership, and team management trends. Our mission is to help founders and team leaders adapt to changing job market trends, increase employee engagement, and improve the productivity of their teams. 

We are excited to create a platform where thought leaders, innovative companies, and team managers can share their knowledge, experience, and best practices. 

Topics we cover 

  • Remote and hybrid work: news, challenges, best practices
  • Leadership and management
  • Collaboration and communication stack: top tools for remote and hybrid team leaders 
  • Broader workplace trends: lay-offs, net-zero movement, unionizing, and others. 

General Guidelines 

  • We are publishing original, non-promotional content 
  • Before submitting a draft, take a look at our blog posts to see the tone of voice, formatting, and types of content we share 
  • Our target audience includes C-level executives, team leaders, founders, and HR managers. 

Technical guidelines

  • Post length: 1200 – 2,200 words
  • SEO-friendly formatting – break your posts into sections and use H2 and H3 tags for section headings. 
  • If your draft features third-party images, add the link to the original source in the caption 
  • We accept up to 2 backlinks per guest post. Please, link to blog posts or other high-value resources rather than to promotional pages (home page, Services, Contact Us, etc.)
  • Write a short bio in your submission 

What we offer 

  • Social media distribution (branded pages and our team’s personal accounts)
  • Long-term backlink exchange partnerships 
  • Full SEO optimization to increase your post’s search ranking and generate extra visibility 

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Submit topic suggestions, outlines, or post drafts to nvashkovska@ovice.co. Our Global Content Manager will review the submissions and get in touch with you shortly.