Workplace trends: Mcdonald’s and Amazon layoffs, remote work crisis

2023 has everyone on edge, trying to guess what is next in store for the future of work. Over the last week, we’ve seen a lot of speculation on the future of remote work and, unfortunately, some layoff notices. 

Here are the key stories of the past week: 

  • McDonald’s announces layoffs 
  • Amazon will lay off 18,000 employees
  • Remote work might be dying 
  • The employee market is as good as gone now 

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McDonald’s CEO says layoffs are coming | CNN

In Friday’s memo to the staff, the CEO of the fast-food giant Chris Kempczinski announced a massive wave of upcoming layoffs. It’s unknown yey how many employees the company will be slashing, and the leadership[ promised to clarify these plans by April 2023. 

Amazon CEO says company will lay off more than 18,000 workers | NPR

Andy Jassy announced the layoffs last week. The scale of the decision exceeded most expectations, as Amazon cut over 18,000 positions instead of the estimated 10,000. It’s worth noting, however, that with Amazon’s total 1.5-million global workforce, the layoffs amount to only a 1.5% staff reduction. 

Vimeo enters 2023 with a round of layoffs impacting 11% of employees | TechCrunch

Vimeo announced a round of layoffs, affecting 11% of the company’s workforce. The decision is motivated by a dip in the company’s quarterly revenue, and, according to Anjali Sud, the company’s CEO, “uncertain economic conditions”. 

Salesforce Guts Tableau After Spending $15.7 Billion in 2019 Deal | Blomberg

The acquisition of Tableau, a leading self-service analytics platform, in 2019 was one of the most ambitious deals backed by Salesforce. Yet, last week’s layoff announcements indicate that the acquisition may not have brought the results it was expected to deliver. Following the dismissals of Tableau’s CEO, more C-level executives are leaving their positions. The layoffs at Tableau are also greater than those at the company’s other projects. 

Remote work

Getting Rid of Remote Work Will Take More Than a Downturn | New York Times 

As the job market cools down, employees worry that it will be the end of remote job opportunities. This might not be the case – moreover, should it happen, the economy is likely to take a downturn. 

Research: Where Managers and Employees Disagree About Remote Work | Harvard Business Review

Hardcore office work may have been the theme of the last decade but it is no longer so. As much as managers could want to keep an eye on their reports in-person, employees firmly believe that remote work is here to stay. Finding a middle ground is the only way to reconcile both viewpoints and fuel productive collaboration. 

Remote jobs are vanishing. Workers are rushing to apply before they’re gone | Fortune

At the height of the pandemic, finding a remote job was easy. It seems to no longer be the case, as more employees struggle to find flexible positions. 

Is Remote Work Dying A Fast Death? | Forbes

There’s a divide in how successful remote work has been in tech. Most employees enjoy working from home but managers are not so convinced. With the number of big names giving up on WFH and the job market cooling down, one can’t help but wonder – is remote work dying?

Team management and leadership

The epic farewell posts of laid-off employees | BBC Worklife

Few companies are great at orchestrating layoffs. Most employees dislike the way their employers handled the process, but that’s not what their LinkedIn farewell posts say. Is there a reason and need for staying over-the-top grateful and optimistic when leaving a workplace? 

Tech workers had their pick of jobs for years. That era is over for now. | The Washington Post

During the last two years, tech talent had a confident say in choosing where, when, and how to work. Most had certainty about finding a new job. With mass layoffs and thousands of employees hitting the job market all at once, this is no longer the case. 

How a strong mission statement can improve employee performance | Quartz 

Most companies have a mission statement but it’s rarely seen as an effective tool for giving teams a sense of pride and accomplishment. The article reflects on the ways for leaders to use their organization’s mission and vision to effortlessly drive performance. 

Eye on HR: Don’t promise too much… | UNLEASH

Amidst uncertainty, it’s tempting to put yourself and your team under the pressure to perform and deliver. At the same time, leading with kindness and tolerance to failure might be the way to go in 2023. 

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