Workplace trends: does your employer have a good layoff policy, future of productivity in 2023

One, two three… it’s 2023! 

A lot of us are still out of their offices, enjoying the last days of the well-deserved holiday season. At the same time, the wave of change shaping the future of work never stops – there is always an influx of fresh, fascinating, and impactful ideas that will shape the future of work this year and beyond. 

That’s why we are keeping a close eye on workplace trends and news. Here’s what we have for you in today’s digest: 

  • How can you know that your company has a good layoff policy? 
  • The “Work From Anywhere” war is beginning
  • Three predictions for productivity in 2023 
  • The silent struggles of workers with ADHD 

Let’s get to it!


How Layoff News Is Hiding a Hot Job Market | The New York Times 

With hundreds of companies shedding jobs in 2022, it’s easy to acquire a doom-and-gloom attitude about finding a job in 2023. Yet, look beyond big tech layoffs, and you might realize that there’s a booming job market under the layoff smokescreen. 

Here’s how to know if your company’s layoff policy is a ‘good’ one | CNBC

There’s little certainty about the stability of the job market in 2023. Should the recession grow deeper and layoffs continue, employees want to fight for their rights when signing layoff papers and accepting severance packages. Here’s how you can make the most out of closing a chapter in your career before moving on (or make sure that your next employer has a solid layoff policy).

3. Goldman Sachs plans to cut thousands of workers. Here are the other major US companies that have made cuts in 2022, from Amazon to Twitter | INSIDER

After rapid growth in 2021, last year was a wake-up call for the tech sector. The industry saw revenues flatline and the well of venture capital dry up. Big sector players responded with sweeping layoffs, cutting teams of thousands within days. 

Tech Layoffs: Micron To Lay Off 10% Of Staff Due To Low Demand For Chips | Forbes

Micron, a microchip manufacturing company, has announced layoffs for the first fiscal quarter of 2023. The manufacturer expects the microchip demand to plummet over the next 3 months and take a turn for the worse in Q2.

Hybrid and remote work

The Work-From-Anywhere War Is Beginning | WIRED

Whether they like it or not, managers need to face the fact that they no longer hold the status quo in the modern workplace. Who does? According to WIRED, it’s so-called “top talent”: autonomous and highly skilled workers that are hard to attract and harder to retain. Forward-facing leaders go out of their way to retain top performers – which means that flexible work is here to stay. 

This is exactly how to measure the success of your hybrid work model | FastCompany

How can you tell if hybrid work is a success or a failure for your organization? On a large scale, hybrid work adoption remains a nascent trend so there are no set-in-stone success metrics. Here’s how leaders should go about writing their own efficiency assessment framework for hybrid work. 

Back to the Future of Work: Three Predictions for Productivity in 2023 | Bloomberg

If 2022 taught us anything, that is “There’s no such thing as returning to normal”. It’s clear that, even with the pandemic behind them, leaders have to adjust the way they lead, manage, and organize teams. While companies are trying to figure out their next move, productivity is on the line.

HR trends in 2023 include offices that feel like home | TechTarget

How can you break the spell of people not wanting to go back to offices? Making workplaces look and feel like home is one of the ideas. To make open spaces and cubicles feel less repugnant, space designers ar toying with the idea of incorporating the items we associate with our homes into the workplace. 

Workplace trends 

LinkedIn’s CEO on Hiring Strategies and the Skills That Matter Most | Harvard Business Review

Last week’s guest on HBR’s IdeaCast was Ryan Roslansky, the CEO of LinkedIn. In the episode, the company’s leader shared tips on adapting to crises and building a framework for a post-pandemic future of a thriving organization. 

Equipping employees to do less can improve results | Quartz

In any organization, productivity takes center stage at performance reviews, town halls, and internal decision-making meetings. On the contrary, investing in free time for employees and making sure they have opportunities for enjoying themselves doesn’t come up as much. The article by Quartz suggests that, maybe, it should. 

The silent struggles of workers with ADHD | BBC

A lot of work on destigmatizing mental health issues in the workplace has been done over the last couple of years. Nevertheless, behavior and personality are still tight-knit, and managers struggle to separate people from their conditions. For those battling ADHD, the face-off against back-to-back calls, monotonous tasks, and administrative minutiae is particularly intense – but the struggle often goes unnoticed. 

HR must rethink L&D in 2023 | UNLEASH

An employee survey in the US and Europe showed that career development opportunities (along with flexibility) are a top priority for the global workforce in 2023. Most respondents wouldn’t mind trying on a new role if an opportunity came up and acknowledged that learning something new would make day-to-day tasks more fulfilling. It’s up to leaders to harness and build on their team’s desire for L&D. 

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