Workplace trends: Tesla braces for layoffs, remote work stays a trend

2022 is about to be over and most of us believe it’s better that way. As 2023 comes near, the last digest of the year is dedicated to the trends of the upcoming year that will mark the future of work. 

While it looks like the snowball set in motion this year is not slowing down easily, there’s hope that companies will adjust their hiring policies so that they no longer have to downsize, leaders get used to navigating the intricacies of hybrid work, and the post-pandemic workplace finally stabilizes. 

Here are last week’s top stories: 

  • Tesla is bracing for layoffs
  • Remote work is the trend of the year (yes, next one as well) 
  • Cisco is training 84,000 employees to become LinkedIn influencers
  • The future of the talent market in 2023 

Let’s dive in!


Headspace Meditation App Cuts 50 Workers, or 4% of Staff | Bloomberg

The meditation app is laying off about 50 employees, roughly 45 of its total headcount. This is not the first wave of layoffs among meditation-oriented startups: in August, Calm (Headspace’s competitor) downsized its 400-people team by 20%. 

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi begins large-scale layoffs: report | Technode

According to Chinese media, the mobile phone manufacturer is in the middle of sweeping layoffs that affected the company’s internet and smartphone units. According to the press, some departments were downsized by 75%. 

Pluralsight lays off 20% of staff | Pluralsight

In a letter to the team, the CEO of Pluralsihhgt reflected on the company’s dwindling financial performance in Q4 and stressed the need for restructuring. In what he calls “one of the toughest messages…ever delivered”, Aaron Skonnard announced a layoff affecting 20% of the headcount. 

Tesla said to be conducting a fresh round of layoffs next quarter | TechCrunch

Tesla has been getting a lot of bad press in Q4, mainly because of the questionable Twitter deal involving its CEO, Elon Musk. Following the news of the acquisition, the company’s stock prices dropped and haven’t fully recovered. On top of that, Tesla, like many others, is pressured by worsening macroeconomic conditions. As the result, layoffs seem to e looming over the car manufacturer and are expected to start as soon as early 2023. 

Remote and hybrid work

Working From Home Is the Trend of the Year—And Next Year Too | TIME

The pandemic may be over, but working from home is not. In December 2022, over 30% of knowledge workers still work remotely. For many of them, it’s a benefit that would equal 8% of their salary (which would make $5,000 out of a $60,000 yearly paycheck). Such appreciation for WFH means that if organizations want to stay competitive in the year to come, they cannot pull the plug on it as they think about the future of work.

What we learned about remote work in 2022 |The Washingon Post

2022 was accompanied by another unprecedented experiment: hybrid work. When companies started partially transitioning to offices, some employees enjoyed the new style, while others hated it. The Washington Post takes a deep dive into the lessons we learned from hybrid work adoption to figure out what sets successful policies apart from those that failed.

‘I quit my job rather than go back to the office’ | BBC

What happens when you order your team back ot the office? According to BBC, a lot of employees see RTO mandates as a deal-breaker. They feel disrespected by the employer ordering them to come back, often at the cost of uprooting their lives. 

Is Remote Work Holding Gen-Z Back? | Forbes 

While, for a lot of employees, remote work became a unique opportunity to reclaim their lives, there’s a unique category of employees who had no taste of what if feels like to work at the office. Gen Z workers who started their careers during the pandemic had to come to terms with the disconnect, miscommunications, and ambiguity of remote work – and their careers are hurting because of it. 

Management and leadership

What will the talent market look like in 2023? | UNLEASH

As one of the leaders in examining the trends in talent management, UNLEASH has shared some predictions for the future of work and the talent market for the upcoming year. Some of these are predictable, others are rarely talked about, but all have a solid case to back them up. 

3 Strategies to Bridge Generational Divides at Work | Harvard Business Review

What a great time to try and figure out workplace communication! With Gen Z entering the workplace, a lot of organizations have 4-5 generations of employees working side-by-side. In such conditions, generational divides are imminent – here’s how leaders can keep teams united despite the differences in ages and experiences. 

Why Cisco is training its 84,000 employees to be LinkedIn influencers | Fortune

Social media allow everyone to have a platform but employees are often reluctant to churn out content or keep a consistent posting schedule, mostly due to the lack of social media training. At the same time, knowing how to leverage their channels can help organizations boost employer brand, improve employee retention, and fuel L&D. To reap these benefits, CIsco is training its 84,000-workforce to become Linkedin influencers. 

We need more than policies to protect pregnant employees | Quartz

Pregnancy is a time of high vulnerability and certainty. Being responsible for the child’s fetal development is pressuring enough for mothers – but the stakes get higher once job-related stress is thrown into the mix. In the US, legislations keep employees accountable for protecting pregnant employees – yet, it is often not enough. Learn how organizations can walk the extra mile to help expecting mothers continue career development without it taking a toll on the baby. 

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