10 best online event games for fun and team building

The world loves events but hosting one during the pandemic is a challenge. Pressured by COVID restrictions, managers move their meet-ups online, making virtual events a booming niche. 

Virtual events have undeniable benefits compared to in-person meetings: operating cost reduction, the ability to attract guests from all over the world, and so on. They come with challenges as well: it’s hard to help guests focus on presentations and encourage everyone to connect when they are not sharing the same physical space. 

To transpose the feel of in-person events online, managers have to be creative and look for ways to engage audiences. 

Top 10 virtual event games

Since Day 1, oVice is supporting virtual events, helping hosts break the fourth wall of video conferencing, improve engagement, and have fun with their guests. In this post, we will share a few creative ways in which our clients use the virtual event platform and boost event effectiveness. 

Here are the top 10 virtual event games (all of them are easy to implement on virtual event platforms). 

1. Scavenger hunt 

In our experience, a virtual office is an excellent scavenger hunt playground. One of our clients – a marketing agency called PMAX – added the game to their event – users had to look for clues inside the space, take a screenshot, and upload it. A guest who collected all clues is the winner. 

2. Karaoke 

It’s one of the easiest to set up virtual event games and it is always great fun. Unlike an in-person event, the added advantage of being in their spaces helps participants let loose and enjoy themselves. 

3. X vs O

The oVice team played “X vs O” at the year-end party. As the name suggests, all guest participants form a line, hear a question, and answer whether it is true or false by moving their avatars to “O” or “X”. 

4. Themed Skribbl

Skribbl is one the simplest yet most entertaining virtual event ideas for breaking the ice within the group and making sure everyone is having a great time. You can easily host one at a virtual office and even customize it to fit the theme of the event (for an oVice Halloween party, our team had Skribbl words written in bloody letters to spice up the game). 

5. Mime game

A virtual office is an excellent space for a classic mime game. Just like in real life, all participants can divide into groups and join the circle. With the timer set up, teams compete in guessing movie, music, or book titles. We once had a team play a miming game during an onboarding session – it was a lot of fun!

6. Scariest/Funniest, etc. Snapcam filter competition

Another way to encourage event attendees to express themselves and have fun together is to host a filter competition. 

You can encourage guests to choose a filter that matches the theme of the event and vote for the one who did the best job. Together with the oVice Fan Community from Vietnam, we did this for Halloween, voting for the scariest party filter. 

7. Would you rather?

“Would you rather?” is another party classic that is as easy to host at an online event platform as it would be in a party room. 

There are so many ways to approach it: from deep questions like “Would you rather press “Rewind” or “Pause” on your life to funny ones like “Would you rather squat or hop around on one leg for the rest of your life?”. 

8. Climb the ladder

One of our favorites to play at virtual events is “Climb the ladder” where teams complete tasks to climb ladders – whoever reaches the top first, wins. 

For higher immersion, we set up a gamified layout. 

9. Save the boat

“Save the boat” is a classic game for team building, as it encourages people to work together and be mindful of each other. 

Also, it’s extremely easy to play at a virtual office – all it takes is a host telling people how many people should be on the team and guests following the instructions to “save the boat”. 

10. MBTI

These days, more people are getting into the Myers-Briggs personality typology – chances are, there are MBTI fans on your team as well. 

Hosting MBTI-themed games will help event attendees get to know each other better and talk to people with compatible cognitive functions. Chances are, an MBTI game at your online event becomes the beginning of the next INTJ-ENFP couple.

Want to get creative? Come up with a game that matches the groove of the party

If you want to get creative and come up with a game no one has played before or customize some of the classics, virtual offices give you all the tools you need to create fun activities. With a virtual event place like oVice, you can customize layouts, add sections, and bring your imagination to life. 

Take a tour around our space and the game room or check out other posts on our blog to find out how people use oVice to host engaging events. 


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