PMAX — Total Performance Marketing Company Hosts a Virtual Party at oVice

Pulling together a virtual party for your company members can definitely be as tough as planning one IRL.

But what if you do it in less than 1 week? 😱

Using the right tool to host a virtual party is one of the most important things you need to make it successful and fun for your remote/hybrid team.
oVice offers a wide set of customizable features that allows you to easily place down elements with a few clicks to turn the place into a virtually frozen mansion if you want to! Visit our open house and see what you can build at oVice 🔮

We talked about this with PMAX Vietnam, who used oVice for their company booth during an online job fair and decided to also use it for an internal party for their company members. We asked a few questions about their experience using oVice and this is what they said.

Interview company: PMAX —
Industry: Marketing
Number of oVice users: 60 members in total.
Interviewee: Ms. Phuong Trang — HR Executive of PMAX

Why did you choose oVice to host your online event?

“ I participated in a Career Fair hosted by Margroup on oVice and I had a chance to use many functions and coordinate our company’s exhibition booth on the virtual platform. I felt that oVice is quite easy to use and has a variety of customizable tools (layouts, objects, bulletin boards, etc…) without requiring too many steps for a beginner to participate in the event — all you have to do is just click on the link to join. That’s why I chose oVice to host an online event for our company members.”

What are the main activities that were hosted during the online event?

1. Opening ceremony:
We used the main stage for our event opening ceremony. Everyone gathered around the virtual palace while our main host started the event.

2. Games:
We played Scavenger Hunt! Santa was hidden everywhere inside the space and the player’s task is to find him and take a screenshot, then submit it into the game form.

3. Spiritual & cultural activities:
This included: tarot reading, Karaoke, watching YouTube videos, playing board games, etc.