FTU Zone Hosts an Online Event For Club Introduction in oVice

The Covid-19 outbreak has compelled many universities to immediately switch to delivering classes online. This sudden flip from conventional school life to being fully remote has been stressful and difficult for both students and educators. Nonetheless, many are trying to adapt to the new normal and take inspirational routes when it comes to online event organization and learning under the mission of achieving an effective learning experience and somewhat natural/real campus life.

Among these universities, the FTU: Foreign Trade University located in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city, is still pursuing its natural course of programs/events online and creating exceptional virtual experiences for students thanks to the help of many platforms like oVice.

Taking the example of FTU Zone, which chose oVice to be one of the sponsors by providing the virtual online event venue. It created a very magical but at the same time almost real event experience using oVice virtual spaces.

What is FTU Zone?

FTU Zone, known as Voice of FTU-ers, is a multilateral communication channel for top students at CSII (CSII [Cơ Sở II]: Second Branch)University of Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City.

The FTU Zone is operated in three main areas:

  • Event hosting
  • Broadcasting
  • Communication.

Known as “Voice of FTU-ers”, FTU Zone is constantly trying to spread the voice of foreign trade students to people.

It is established as a professional event unit with outstanding programs for students such as organizing seminars on, competitions (such as “Double Connection” The Duo), and youth-oriented talk shows (such as “Throw the Gap through a New Window”, “Time Zone №2”, “21 Gram of Happiness”).

In the broadcasting sector, FTU Zone presents various news reports and updates on foreign students’ lives on-campus, especially during the monthly online radio series of FTU Zone.

Website: ftuzone.org

Facebook page: @voiceofftuers

FTU Zone Brings Back the Aesthetics of Renaissance Era Online

FTU Zone holds an event “Information Day” for Zoners-wannabe. This is a program that will help students better understand the orientation of FTU Zone as well as the preparation steps for round 3 of the FTU Zone recruitment well. 

This time, the “Information Day” event is hosted online using oVice virtual spaces. Sticking with the theme of renaissance, the event organizers did a marvelous job on editing one of oVice’s layouts to match their concept.

FTU online event in oVice

oVice layout (before making edits by FTU Zone Design Team). — Information Day Layout (After making edits by FTU Zone Design Team)

Despite the fact that it was the first time for most people to use oVice virtual space, everyone found it easy to just move their avatar across the bridge, grab a chair and just sit around a table where people are talking.

The event program was divided into 3 sessions:

Opening speech and icebreaker/game session. 

This session took place on the first floor where participants joined around tables, each table led by an FTU Zone member who took charge of hosting the game. The games were original and made by the FTU Zone organizing committee to create some sort of interaction between recruitees.

Presentations and training

After the icebreaker session was over, people moved to the second floor for the main presentations and training sessions from FTU Zone members. Each department lead gave a presentation about the work they do and their vision, giving more insight into FTU Zone.

Q&A and closing ceremony:

Afterward, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about FTU Zone. At the end of the event, everyone captured some pictures together for memory and closed the event.

“Information Day” Second Floor — Presentations/training/Q&A space 

Anh Truong, Representative of the Organizing Committee of the FTU Zone Program, mentioned that: 

“The space has had an amazing visual for all the team members as well as for the freshmen. The sound was great, we could hear the voice well along with the technical things. All the participants were pleased with the meeting. I hope we will have a chance to cooperate again in the future. Thanks a lot! 😍”.

About oVice

oVice is a 2-D virtual space where you can talk just like in person! If you want to experience oVice, you can have a demo experience.

If you would like to have your own virtual space, please apply for a free trial and use it freely for 14 days.

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