7 creative office virtual backgrounds for remote work

One of the key benefits of a virtual office is customization. It gives teams freedom in planning their spaces and organizing the room. Thee are no walls to tear down, no furniture to buy. You virtual office backgrounds can look any way you want it. 

While some teams using oVice prefer making digital replicas of their offices all the way to assigning their employees the same desk they had in physical workspaces, most seize the chance to go beyond what’s possible. 

In this post, we will explore a few creative layout ideas for a virtual office. You can use a similar layout for your workplace with oVice. 

1. A garden with a lake and a beach

It’s getting warmer outside which is an excellent reason to explore nature-themed layouts. For example, you can move your office to a park that has a pond and lake, camping sites and tents. 

For a scrum, teams can gather around the pound and a beach tent is an excellent spot for getting some focused work done. 

Garden layout

2. A underwater getaway

Have you ever wondered what working under water would be like? For starters, oxygen would be a problem. Besides, bringing any electronic devices would quickly get you in trouble. 

With oVice, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of setting up an office or an event underwater. In fact, the team for Goldfish Summer Festival hosted their get-together in such virtual office backgrounds, giving all attendees an opportunity to explore the virtual venue the way goldfish roam around a quiet pond. 

Goldfish festival

3. A remote island

Working from an island is a nomad’s dream but most of us have to factor reality in. After all, islands usually are expensive to get to, don’t have a stable Internet connection, and the climate can get extreme. 

That’s where a virtual office comes in handy, transporting teams to island-based layouts. One of the oVice teams, a gaming development company called Passion Republic, set up a beautiful island view: the team held meetings on the beach, worked around the pool, and chatted next to a soccer field. 

Their bright, summery layout helped add an extra touch of creativity and gamification, encouraging engineers to have fun when designing their products. 

Island layout

4. Snowy Christmas forest

For a corporate event or a presentation, teams can get together at a Christmas party layout. The best timing for this one is in winter but, if you missed the snow and the holiday vibes, go for it whenever you want to. 

Even putting a bar stand in your office wouldn’t be an overkill – this way, you will encourage casual chitchat between teammates. 

Christmas layout

5. Whimsical space

You can make your office or event space look like it came out straight out of a fairy tale by experimenting with shapes, colors, symbols, and other elements. One of our teams used this creative layout for an alumni meeting event – it is a work of art. 

Creative layout

6. Ancient library 

Library halls are the epitome of focus and concentration. If your team is feeling nostalgic about the university halls, setting your virtual office space to look like a library will encourage everyone to keep learning and tick their to-dos!

Library layout

7. Anything else entirely

If no ideas listed above tickle your fancy, come up with an original layout that does. oVice designers will always listen to your idea and make sure you can bring your dream virtual office backgrounds to life. 

By the way, we just changed the layout of our tour space as well. Let the team know if you like it by checking it out

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