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Hey there in April. It’s Monday which means it’s time to once again go through the latest news and discussions around the metaverse. 

In this episode of the Metaverse Digest you will learn more about: 

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Metavers news in finance

Shiba Inu announces its metaverse: SHIB

If anyone thought that Shiba Inu will forever stay in history as a meme coin, they may have proven us wrong. Last Wednesday the team announced a Shiba-Inu-backed metaverse, SHIB. It is supposed to feature over 100,000 plots of land. 

Citi estimates the metaverse market to reach $13 trillion

In its recent research note, Citi, a Wall Street Bank, shared curious projects about the future of the metaverse. Researchers expect the market to hit $13 trillion by 2030. Getting there will take time and investment – such as enabling most of the population with 5G Internet. 

Singzy receives US patent for banking in the metaverse

An India-based Singzy Technologies has received a US patent for banking in the metaverse, proving how much global interest there’s in the metaverse. 

What does the metaverse mean for banks?

With J.P Morgan and HSBC getting involved in the metaverse, it’s clear that the banking sector has a future in the metaverse. What does virtual expansion mean for market players?

What does the metaverse mean for financial planning? 

From investing in virtual land to scheduling VR meetings with your financial advisors, as the world moves to the metaverse, financial planning will have to transform and adapt to the new reality. 

Sports and entertainment 

Role of NFTs in sports and entertainment

The latest episode of Welcome to the Metaverse explores how NFTs transform the idea of sports fandoms. Together with Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder of Autograph, we get a glimpse into the new future of supporting our favorite athletes. 

Steve Aoki on the metaverse and the future of music

Technology and music have always walked hand in hand – so it’s no surprise that crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse will change the way we interact with artists and tracks. In a new piece by the Verge, Steve Aoki makes projects on what the future of music is like and where it meets the metaverse. 

Lessons from the metaverse fashion week

If you followed last week’s digest, you remember it was chock-full of news about Decentraland’s Fashion Week – the first one ever to be hosted in the metaverse. Now that all is said and done, what can we learn about the future of the industry?

Hollywood-2032: The far-out future of entertainment

While experts unanimously believe there will be entertainment in 2032 (yay!), the ways in which we will experience it are less clear. Brian Raftery from Entertainment Weekly shares a few ideas on what the future of TV, film, and other content will look like. 

CBS News Launches “Mornings in the Metaverse” 

While we are yet to discover intelligent life on Mars, the metaverse is way easier to probe and explore. CBS News will be taking its viewers on a metaverse expedition in its new metaverse-themed show, “Mornings in the Metaverse”. 


Alibaba makes a bet on the metaverse

With its $60 million investment in an AR glasses maker Nreal, Alibaba makes a powerful statement about metaverse as the future of retail. 

Forget about e-commerce, soon it will all be about virtual commerce

How will metaverse penetrate e-commerce? It already is, through Fortnite skins, virtual food sales, and other emerging virtual retail trends. This piece for Financial Review analyses how close we are to adopting virtual commerce.

Forever21 dives into the metaverse

Last week, Forever21 announced its agreement with The brand is planning to purchase virtual property and set up a metaverse storefront. 

Virtual Beers and Digital Orgasms: Welcome to the Age of Metaverse Commerce

In the race for metaverse adoption, brands are determined to not be left behind. For e-commerce frontrunners, getting a piece of virtual cake is no longer a PR pop – most are in it for the long run. 


Super League Gaming strikes a deal with iHeartMedia for Metaverse Ads

Super League Gaming, a gaming and content platform, is making power moves in  metaverse advertising. The company has recently struck a deal for ad display with iHeart Media. 

Younger generations have one foot set in the metaverse via gaming

While the older chuck of the population is struggling to wrap their heads around metaverse adoption, the younger generation says “okay, boomer” as they confidently roam the metaverse. Here’s how gaming gives teenagers a huge head start in understanding the metaverse. 

Top metaverse crypto gaming guilds to watch in 2022

Getting started with play-to-earn NFT games is easier if you join a guild – a group where players help each other build strategies and make a buck. If you are eager to join one, here is a ranking of top crypto gaming guilds as of 2022. 

The State of the metaverse

There are a lot of future-facing discussions about the metaverse. In such a landscape, it’s helpful to take a step back and look at where we arrived and what we managed to accomplish. In the new episode of Building the Open Metaverse, Matthew Ball draws the line on the state of the metaverse. 

Young girls “virtually raped” in the metaverse

Virtual reality is going to make our online experiences more vivid and impressive. That exposes younger gamers to a vast sea of dangers: virtual rape, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse. 

The metaverse is coming. Here are the cornerstone for securing it

The metaverse is increasingly vulnerable to social engineering tactics like identity theft. What does it take to build a trust-based metaverse? Microsoft explores the challenges and opportunities for metaverse security in the latest blog post.

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