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In this episode, we are covering the latest roundup of metaverse news, articles, and discussions. Spoiler alert: this week’s digest is heavy on fashion (Decentraland’s is fashion week to blame for that). 

In this episode you’ll read more about: 

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Staying in the loop: latest metaverse news

1. Tommy Hilfiger to Participate in Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week

In case you haven’t heard, Decentraland was holding a metaverse fashion week. You know that it’s not an underground project only tech enthusiasts are curious about when brands like Tommy Hilfiger joined the party. 

2. Ambitious plans unveiled for a libertarian city in the metaverse

The metaverse can be an excellent opportunity for implementing different governance models and schools of political thought. This week, we found out that Liberland, a libertarian metaverse, is in the works. This corner of the Internet will focus on innovation, collaboration, and self-governance.

3. SportsIcon to Open Metaverse Where Athletes Can Interact With Fans

Those who have ever dreamed of new ways to interact with their favorite athletes and support them through unique NFTs will be able to do so starting June once SportsIcon, an NFT platform, unveils its metaverse. It will be a sports-only space dedicated to bringing athletes and fans closer together. 

4. Meta files 8 digital asset and Web 3 trademark applications

As one of the chief actors of the metaverse, Meta wants to document its contribution to the future of the Internet. The metaverse company filed 8 patents concerning social networking platforms, wearables, platforms for processing financial transactions, and other aspects of the metaverse infrastructure. 

5. Estée Lauder dives into the metaverse with free NFTs

Are you a fan of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum? Everyone who wanted to pay respects to its rejuvenating power got a chance to get a product-inspired NFT at Decentraland’s metaverse-based fashion week. 

Processing metaverse news: latest articles

1. How the Game Industry Is Charging Into the Metaverse

From Second Life and Minecraft to Fortnite Roblox, and a wide range of metaverse games, the gaming industry is making itself at home in the new environment. If you are curious to see how gaming was exploring the metaverse way before it became a thing elsewhere and are wondering what’s waiting down the line, check out the CNET’s article. 

2. Metaverse Lessons From Hollywood

What can the metaverse learn from Hollywood? The post delves deeper into the challenges of moving facial expressions, gestures, and personalities to 3D to make sure our digital representations are as emotion-evoking as their real-life counterparts. 

3. Companies race to build “digital twins” in the metaverse

“Digital twins” are the digital replicas of physical products that can help e-commerce giants like Amazon build immersive shopping experiences and manufacturing companies – create precise, cheap models and tests. 

4. The metaverse will change the paradigm of content creation

At the end of 2021, the “creator economy” was worth over $104 billion. The metaverse can become a growth catalyst to this already powerful force through immersive platforms and decentralized data ownership. 

5. Accenture launches consulting practice dedicated to the metaverse

With brands racing for superiority in the metaverse, team leaders need tools metaverse login tools, strategies, and advice that will help conquer the emerging space. To help ambitious executives (and secure its bag), Accenture, a consulting firm, unveils its metaverse-dedicated consulting services. 

Voicing hopes and concerns: metaverse news podcasts

1. MetaFi: DeFi for the metaverse

While there’s a long road ahead of DeFi (decentralized finance) when it comes to co-existing with and replacing CeFi (centralized finance) in the real world, its odds of survival are way better in the metaverse. In the new “The Metaverse Podcast” episode, Jamie Burke breaks down the MetaFi and explains how the “native” financial system of the metaverse is decentralized by nature. 

2. This Week in the Metaverse: Heineken’s “virtual beer” and more

“This Week in the Metaverse” delivered an excellent nugget of metaverse news last week. In the latest episode, you’ll find out about NFT minting on Instagram, Heineken’s virtual beer, and other events that shook the community.

3. WebGPU and Graphics on the Web

Graphics are a huge part of metaverse success and WebGPU is its future standard. In “Building The Open Metaverse”, the tech minds behind Google and Cesium discuss the current state and the future of WebGPU. 

4. DAOs

Laws of the Metaverse is a podcast covering the basics of Web3 from the metaverse-centric perspective. The latest episode is the walkthrough of a mainstream but confusing concept – decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. 

5. MarioKart in the metaverse

What happens if you take a Nintendo classic like “Mario Kart” and bring it to life in the metaverse? The CEO of Emotional Ideas, an entertainment company, Joshua Nelson, talks about his new project – designing an immersive version of Mario Kart through augmented reality. 

Through the eye of the metaverse: latest videos

1. Decentraland Co-Founder Explains Metaverse & Presents His New Game | Ari Meilich, Big Time Studios

If you want to understand what the metaverse is exactly, the co-founder of Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality platform, is the right guy to listen to. Ari Meilich, one of Decentraland’s founders, shares insight on how to get into the metaverse and presents his new gaming project. 

2. How NFTs in Video Games Could Shape the Metaverse’s Future | WSJ

Play-to-earn video games are going to be a huge trend in the metaverse. It’s easy to understand how users can find the idea of getting NFTs just for playing a game attractive. However, the adoption of the new model will come with pushback and challenges. 

3. The Metaverse Could Transform Healthcare – The Medical Futurist

High-precision telemedicine, psychiatry consults in the metaverse are wonderful ideas but security and accessibility are the major challenges holding the MEDaverse back. 

4. Businesses explore opportunities in the metaverse

Since the metaverse investing is in its “Wild West” stage, for businesses winning in the new space is a first-come-first-served endeavor. Canadian CBC gives a brief but excellent rundown of the ways in which businesses from different sectors compete over the lead in the metaverse. 

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