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The metaverse is one of the busiest corners of the Internet. It is always buzzing with news, reflections, and discussions. To make sense of everything that happens here, we publish a weekly digest of the latest metaverse news, articles, podcasts, and videos. 

In this episode of the metaverse news digest you’ll find out: 

  • How fashion brands and banks conquer the metaverse
  • Which metaverse stocks (other than Meta) are worth investing in 
  • Which technology teams use to design virtual humans.
  • What the future of metaverse real estate looks like

Pulse check: a roundup of metaverse news

Italy makes the world’s first robot avatar for the metaverse

When it comes to metaverse avatars, you can be anything – from a photorealistic version of yourself to a fictional character or a robot. When it comes to the latter, Italy is leading the game unveiling the first robot avatar for metaverse at this year’s Venice Biennale. 

LMVH gets a metaverse ambassador

Fashion is heavily involved in the explosive growth of the metaverse. It’s no surprise that models become virtual as well. A few days ago, LMVH, the parent company of Louis Vitton, announced their first-ever metaverse ambassador. The female avatar will represent the brand at the upcoming Viva Technology conference in Paris. 

HSBC (banking giant) partners with The Sandbox

Last Wednesday another banking giant has entered the metaverse app Sandbox – this time it’s British HSBC. This way, the company hopes to “create new experiences through emerging platforms, opening up a world of opportunities to communities”. 

Reflection and analysis: thought-provoking metaverse updates

Metaverse stylists see a booming business in virtual clothes

Will metaverse avatars wear the same outfits every day? Seeing the latest developments in virtual clothing, it’s highly unlikely. In fact, the metaverse NFT space is becoming a great place for self-expression and trying out some out-of-the-ordinary looks before you muster the courage to put them on IRL. 

These metaverse stocks let you invest in technology’s next frontier 

If you only got into the metaverse space last year, the first company that comes to mind at the mention of the world is likely Meta (known for the longest time as Facebook). However, Zuckerberg and Co. are not the only ones betting on the idea: find out about other promising metaverse projects in a new write-up from Nasdaq. 

The metaverse makes me sad

The technology of the metaverse has a lot of potential to contribute to the public good, improving the accessibility of work, education, and networking. However, as a world built by the rich for the rich – will the virtual universe have enough room for everyone else? 

In-depth discussion: podcasts on the metaverse

Building the Open Metaverse | Digital Humans

What physical and ethical considerations go into designing a virtual human? This question is at the center of the latest episode of “Building the Open Metaverse” featuring the interview of Vladimir Mastilović, VP of Digital Human Technology at Epic Games. 

Metaverse Insider | MOBOX Analysis

MOBOX – a creator of an NFT-based gaming infrastructure – is building a metaverse: the “MOMOverse”. The virtual world is centered around interoperability: the ability to use digital assets in different games. If you are curious about the implications of this innovation,  the latest podcast of Metaverse Insider helps wrap your head around it. 

The Metacast | Horizon Blockchain Games

In case you haven’t heard of Thatgamecompany – it’s been building immersive, whimsical kids and families love. Also, it’s getting pretty big recently: it just raised $160 million in investments. In the new episode of The Metacast, you will find out more about where Thatgamecompany is headed and whether it can become the Pixar of gaming. 

A look into the future: latest metaverse videos

Beyond the Hype: Architecture in the metaverse

In our latest digest, we posted about the rising real estate prices in the metaverse. This time around, you can have a closer look at the protagonists of the field: the architects building the housing of the future. 

Can the metaverse be regulated? 

The attempts to regulate the decentralized world are already challenging the crypto market. 

With the latest developments including President Biden’s executive order and the Bitcoin-banning bill promoted by the EU, crypto, and metaverse developers dwell on the concept and extent of regulation of the metaverse. 

The Coming Real Estate Crash (Metaverse)

The metaverse property is an emerging market. That’s why real estate agencies are corporations are rushing in to buy land and gain the first-mover advantage. Is this a collective fad that’s going to wear off or are these buyers on to something? You can dive deeper into the future of real estate in the metaverse in Max Maher’s latest video. 

This is the latest roundup of metaverse-related news. If you want to check out our last digest, you can do it here

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