Latest weekly metaverse trends digest

Welcome back to the second episode of the metaverse digest series where we cover the latest metaverse trends, news, opinions, and discussions.

In this roundup you will discover: 

  • If NFTs are going out of style (and who is the culprit)
  • What the real estate in the metaverse is like (spoiler alert: extremely expensive)
  • When pharmacies and carmakers are coming to the metaverse 
  • How brands can enter the metaverse
  • Zuckerberg metaverse stock analysis

Nuggets of weekly metaverse news

1. CVS Trademark Filing Hints at Metaverse Pharmacy Plans

If metaverse is a realistic analogy of the real world, then we need a healthcare system to keep it running. It looks like the space is gearing up for virtual pharmacies, with CVS filing the trademark for using its products as “virtual goods”. 

2. 63m NFT superyacht Project Metaverse listed for sale

While cruising the waves on a 63-meeter yacht sounds amazing, you might be wondering who would ever pay $95 million for an NFT yacht. The details of the project are fascinating and it might be the most expensive NFT up to date (once the buyer shows up). 

3.  Bandai Namco to spend $130m creating Gundam ‘metaverse’

Robots will definitely be at the center of metaverse, and looks like the toy Gundam robots might be leading the race. Bandai Namco Holdings, the parent company of the franchise, in investing $130 million in developing a metaverse for its products. 

Thoughts on metaverse: latest articles

1. Interest In NFTs And The Metaverse Is Falling Fast

The sheer number of news and innovation around metaverse proves its relevance but do we care less than we used to? Paul Tassi, a senior Forbes contributor, explores the reasons behind the flatlining interest in NFTs. 

2. Metaverse real estate prices are booming. This is why

The World Economic Forum analyzed the real estate market, and it looks like the prices are going up insanely fast. One of the reasons is in big market players flocking to virtual worlds – to discover the rest, check out the piece. 

3. The future of work: Companies open offices in the metaverse

How are companies bringing the metaverse to their offices? Moving presentations, meetings, and operations to virtual spaces is a prevalent trajectory. Here’s how companies use digital office spaces to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. 

If you want to give a virtual office a try, take a tour around oVice – an accessible metaverse real estate space for seamless remote communication. 

Resonant ideas: metaverse podcasts

1. The Metaverse Podcast | Diffusion Best Bits with Arinze Clifford of Outlier Ventures

In this episode of The Metaverse Podcast, Arinze Clifford from Outlier Ventures comments on Diffusion Digital – one of the biggest metaverse events. 

2. Welcome to the metaverse | How Does Your Brand Enter The Metaverse? with Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director – Nicholas Pringle at R/GA

What does it mean to be a “metaverse-first brand”? How should established brands storm into crypto metaverse? Nicholas Pringle, Senior VP and Executive Creative Director from R/GA answers these and other questions in the latest episode of Welcome to the Metaverse. 

3. Metaverse | How to Step Inside Your Data with Suzanne Borders

Once the metaverse is commonplace, we will share a lot of data online. That raises quite a few security concerns: who is in charge of the data, how is it used, how can it be misused? Suzanne Borders from BadVR, a data visualization platform, challenges these complicated questions. 

Insider view: metaverse videos 

1. Meta Facebook Stock Analysis

Meta has done a solid job at popularizing the idea of the metaverse but how are its products and metaverse stock trends looking? This video is in-depth analysis of Facebook metaverse stock trends. 

2. The Weird New “Metaverse Car Industry”

What would the metaverse industry look like for automakers? BMW, Hyundai, and other major industry players are already looking for answers and have drastically different visions about doing so. 

3. ArtMeta interview | VR Art Gallery Metaverse

An in-depth interview with the team of ArtMeta – a photorealistic metaverse dedicated to fine art. This episode’s guests share their challenges in building and monetizing a “metaverse-first” art gallery. 

Before you leave

If you want to walk down memory lane and check out our previous digest, you can do it here. If you are curious to find out how metaverse helps hybrid teams work more seamlessly, take a look at our posts about virtual offices and virtual events. 

Finally, if you want to move your team’s workflows to an office in the metaverse, check out oVice – a platform that connects employees across the globe and helps them interact seamlessly.

We highly recommend taking a quick tour around the place – it’s free and there will be someone from our team to show you around! 

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