Hybrid and remote work news: Lyft pulls back on office space, Apple employees fight against hybrid RTO

In the last digest this summer, we are back recapping the latest hybrid and remote work news. In this week of the hybrid work digest, you will learn why leaders still struggle to accept remote work but should do it for their organizations’ sake. 

We also collected a few pieces of advice for leaders who want to create a workplace that prioritizes well-being and employees who struggle to communicate with each other. 

For other news on hybrid workplace design and team management, follow the previous episodes of the digest. On our blog, you will see more tips on hybrid work transition, leadership, and talent management. 


1. ‘We need those office folks’: Officials urge Biden administration to end silence on remote work | Yahoo News

The well-being of small business owners in Washington DC, New York City, and other urban centers is staked on people going out more and, in many ways, on companies calling people back to offices. However, as remote work persists through the pandemic, the owners of shops and cafes find themselves in a tight spot – so they look for help at the White House. 

2. The SEC boss says staff is performing well under ‘voluntary remote work’ | Business Insider

In his interview with CNBC on Friday, Gary Gensler said that his team stays productive when working remotely. This statement might come as a surprise considering earlier remote work backlash from other leaders like Elon Musk and Jamie Dimon. 

3. Lyft Plans to Scale Back Office Space as Staff Opts to Work Remotely | Bloomberg 

The company is adapting to a hybrid work style and is planning to cut back on its office spaces in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and Nashville. Bloomberg reports that Lyft is sub-leasing 44% of its total space. 

4. Group of Apple employees pushes back against return-to-office order | FT

After Tim Cook announced the company’s return-to-office plans, he once again finds himself in opposition to his employees. The Apple team pushed back against the new policy, saying that a remote environment is “happier and more productive”. 


1. ‘Hybrid guilt’ is plaguing employees, proving going to the office part-time is the worst of both worlds | Fortune

Although the flexibility of hybrid work is supposed to improve employee well-being, some employees find themselves worrying about not going to the office. In fact, the phenomenon of “hybrid work” is becoming more widespread and detrimental to workers’ mental health. 

2. How workplace bullying went remote | BBC

For many employees, brought up in the traditional office paradigm, workplace bullying is still associated with physical threats. That’s why people struggle to identify and react to its remote displays that are just as damaging in the long run. 

3. Not Even Elon Musk And Jamie Dimon Can Stop Remote Work | Forbes

With the growing number of leaders disapproving of remote work, employers might be wondering if the times of working from home are gone. However, a recent Forbes article argues it’s not the case, backing its case with New York Fed data. 

4. Will remote work make it easier to ship white-collar jobs overseas? |The Washington Post

Over the last two years, white-collar workers have successfully transitioned remotely. For organization leaders, the ability to shift white-collar operations to telecommuting has opened a door to outsourcing, which might mean that a fair share of office work could be performed overseas in the nearest future. 


1. New managers, you can create a workplace that values mental health | Harvard Business Review

Given the amount of time people spend at work, leaders have the opportunity to help their teams move past the “COVID survival mode” by creating a mental-health-focused environment. The article offers a step-by-step guide to creating a workplace culture that promotes healthy mental habits. 

2. Remote work is about culture, not space | Forbes 

When the workplace goes remote, “work” is no longer a place we go to but a state of mind. That’s why team leaders should focus on aligning their teams culturally rather than physically. 

3. Don’t Skip Therapy Because of Work | New York Times 

How can employees make time for therapy in a hectic schedule? What should you do if some of your colleagues are treated differently from others? How to avoid workplace discrimination for certain parts of your identity – race, religion, sexual orientation? All of these questions are answered in last week’s Work Friend issue of the New York Times. 

4. Hiring Gen Z Professionals? Eight Ways To Bring Out The Best In Them | Forbes 

Understanding motivation drivers for Gen Z will help employees engage fresh college graduates better and fuel their career development. Learn how to manage Gen Z and help them become valuable contributors to the organization. 

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