Hybrid work news: side startups on the rise, the aftermath of Dropbox workplace revamp

As one of the frontrunners in helping companies facilitate hybrid work adoption, we keep track of the latest news in the transition to the new model. 

Now that most companies have somewhat settled in their schedules, policies, and stacks, companies are drawing the line and making first conclusions about the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid work. 

Stay up to date on the evolution of hybrid work with the previous episodes of the hybrid work digest. Also, if you are a founder or team manager, check out our tips and curated lists of tools for successful hybrid work adoption. 


1. 14 Critical Financial Results Businesses Have Seen From The Remote Work Movement | Forbes

Remote work has been a game-changer for organizations on all fronts, including budgeting. After having their teams working online for a while – partially or full-time, leaders are reflecting on cost reductions and hidden costs of running a remote business. 

2. The rise of the side startup | Vox

Remote and hybrid work models give employees more flexibility and freedom – some put the extra time into side projects. The side startup is a rising trend in the US and abroad – learn how it influences the productivity of your teams. 

3. The new normal of remote work and impact on tax filing obligations | Deloitte 

Recently Deloitte shared a reprinted article by Tax Notes State that delves deeper into the impact of remote work on tax filing. Find out how the new way of working transforms payment and exacerbates withholding taxes. 

4. Dropbox Tossed Out the Workplace Playbook. Here’s How That’s Working | TIME 

Before the pandemic, Dropbox used to have an office that looked like a standard Silicon Valley dream – there was a cafeteria, a huge library, and lounge areas. All that is history now. Recently, the company announced and implemented a new working model – one that required employees to spend at least 90% of their workday remotely. Here’s how that is playing out. 


1. Rethinking Leadership in a Hybrid Work Model | Forbes

In a hybrid world, the need to redefine leadership is clear but it looks like team leaders aren’t succeeding in finding effective management approaches. According to statistics, less than 50% of employees feel included in the workplace. Here’s how hybrid team leaders can fix it. 

2. Reimagining the Campus Experience in the World of Hybrid Work | CIO

For a while, hybrid work has been famous for alignment and leadership challenges. Recently office managers are becoming more aware of the technology and infrastructure strain the new solution puts on the campus and are looking for ways to make the experience seamless and frictionless. 

3. Malcolm Gladwell: “For creative work offices really do matter” | CNBC

The New Yorker journalist recently gave an interview in which he stated that working remotely is not in people’s best interest. Paradoxically, Gladwell has been working from home since 2005. 

4. Why a recession will boost remote work | Fortune

While there are early signs of the job market cooling, job opening statistics for July showed a surge in openings, showing employers can’t afford to ignore the demands of the workforce. For employees, flexibility is the highest-value benefit and will become even more important once the recession goes full swing. 


1.5 Tips to Transform Your Business in a Hybrid-Work Era | Entrepreneur

Big tech experiments in hybrid work show that combining the pre-pandemic office culture with middle-of-the-pandemic remote work will not be enough to successfully implement the new model. To do so, leaders will have to intentionally build workplaces with hybrid work in mind. 

2. 10 best practices and checklist for remote onboarding | TechTarget

Entering a new remote workplace is challenging even for experienced employees and even more difficult for fresh graduates. To relieve the stress new hires feel when starting out, HR managers should follow these remote onboarding tips. 

3.  7 tips for preparing for a remote job interview | Ladders 

Job candidates also can feel challenged preparing for remote job interviews. There’s a lot to be aware of – network quality, equipment, connecting with the interviewer regardless of the constraints of video conferencing, and more. Learn how to prepare for and do your best during a remote interview. 

4. How to build connections: team building in a hybrid workplace | Forbes

A Forbes article breaks down the fundamentals of hybrid networking: connection, context, and collisions. The post offers team leaders a list of questions and actionable tips for fostering relationships in their teams. 

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