Hybrid work news digest: succeeding in the work of the future

In 2020, most work we did was remote: up to 70% of employees worked from home. In 2022, there are more working styles: 42% switched to hybrid work while 39% continue working remotely. 

It’s clear that hybrid work will be part of the workplace of the future. It’s just as obvious that combining two dimensions, a physical and a virtual one, is not going to be a smooth sail. 

That’s why we dedicated the second episode of the digest to hybrid team management tips (here’s the last one if you missed it). This time, you’ll learn about: 

Pulse check on the latest hybrid work news

JP Morgan finally accepts hybrid work

While tech giants like Apple are asking people to come to offices only once a week, most banks expect employees to work in offices 9-to-5, 5 days a week. JP Morgan seems to be an exception introducing hybrid work to the organization. 

Wells Fargo opts for hybrid schedules

The banking giant unveiled its new hybrid work plan: it will ask employees to be in the offices three days a week. 

New Jersey tests a work-from-home program

Hybrid work is storming into state-based organizations: New Jersey is among the frontrunners. The state is testing a hybrid work program allowing employees to do their jobs at home two days a week. 

Managers are ready to fire and cut the pay of office-resistant employees

Employees are pushing back against office returns and managers are not happy about this. A new survey shows more team leaders are ready to fie their employees unless they come back to work in person. 

Leading remote teams

How to make hybrid work a success

With Google’s CEO admitting he has no idea how to build a corporate culture remotely, it’s clear that leaders are struggling to work with remote teams. However, employees enjoy remote work so it’s likely here to stay. The only thing we need to redefine are the expectations for what a healthy team means. 

Remote and hybrid work: 5 tips for making it a success

Becoming a remote-friendly company calls for new processes and operational decisions: from hiring a “ head of remote” to going the extra mile to foster work-life balance. In a new post, ZDNet covers these and other tips for making hybrid work a success. 

3 tips for maintaining a routine when working remotely

Working remotely is a privilege for most employees but, if you are not disciplined enough, it can turn into a nightmare. Setting up a productive routine for remote work is key to making it work: so be sure to explore these helpful tips for a steady routine. 

7 tips for leading productive remote teams

The article from CIO helps remote team leaders apply the knowledge and skills learned during the pandemic in the post-pandemic workplace. It offers 7 actionable tips for better management. 

The future of hybrid work: 5 questions answered with data

Everyone is talking about hybrid work lately but the concept is still a little confusing. There are a lot of questions: how much freedom is too much, how to make sure in-house and remote teams are aligned, and so on? The post addresses these and other concerns in the best way possible: through data and statistics. 

Communication at hybrid work

How companies can communicate better in the hybrid work environment

Through the pandemic, people are getting used to remote communication (though we still occasionally complain about its shortcomings). As we go hybrid, there will be new practices to follow and lessons to learn. 

How to improve teamwork skills through communication

Communication is not a “magic pill” for all organizational challenges leaders face. However, it is an excellent tool for spotting red flags before it’s too late and acting rather than reacting to changes. Hive shares top communication practices for better teamwork. 

The future of work needs consolidation and communication

In 2020, the COVID pandemic made team leaders deal with changes they were not ready to accept. In 2022, the landscape as different as we get a chance to intentionally build an effective hybrid work model. TechRadar reflects on the key challenges of the workplace of the future. 

Best online team collaboration tools

As we are building the workplace of the future, technology will come in and do what it always did: optimize and improve. To make sure you make the most out of the tools available, take a look at this list of helpful collaboration platforms. 

Why employee engagement is the secret sauce for your team’s success

Employee engagement is becoming a critical job selection criterion. However, most teams are bad at it, as only 34% of employees feel empowered and appreciated at work. If you want your team to be fulfilled take a look at these tips on boosting engagement. 

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