Hybrid work digest: Microsoft’s take on hybrid work, C-suite disagrees on hybrid adoption

Over the course of the last week, we continued to see companies take a step back and reflect on the outcomes of their hybrid work transition efforts. More leaders become aware of the challenges they will face on the road to adoption and new solutions emerge in a form of hardware, software, or best practices. 

At the same time, there’s still misalignment between leaders on hybrid adoption. Managers have different views on how mindful should they be of workplace equality and how much they should trust their employees. 

In this episode of the weekly digest, we are covering: 

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Microsoft Inspire 2022: Unlocking new partner opportunities, solutions for hybrid work, and more | Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft announced dozens of new solutions to support hybrid teams. Among those are an ISV update for Cloud vendors, Microsoft Viva – a platform for improved employee experience, and Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty for governments.

Flexibility beats pay as investment banks embrace hybrid work to secure talent | S&P Global

The pandemic created a shift in values among the banking sector employees – for many, work-life balance is a number-one job search criterion. In April this year, 31% of the finance workforce were contemplating quitting their jobs or changing careers – hybrid work can help improve retention. 

The five big things we know about return-to-the-office so far | BBC

Most companies are finding stability in their post-pandemic workplace plans for the first time in two years. Now that companies got a chance to try full-time in-office or hybrid work arrangements, managers have data to analyze and lessons to learn: some predictable, others – surprising. 

Older and younger bosses disagree on remote work | Bloomberg

There’s a well-known disconnect between the workforce and the C-suite on return to offices. Worse still, there’s a lack of agreement among executives – the younger generation of the C-suite is concerned about workplace inequalities while their older counterparts are not as mindful of the issue. 


The power of async in managing stress in the hybrid work era | IDG Connect

At its best, hybrid work helps relieve stress by giving employees control over their time, choice over where their environment, and commute-related time savings. On the flipside, if there are no processes in place, teams might find themselves trapped at work 24/7 – even in the comfort of their homes. 

Optimizing hybrid work | Deloitte Canada

Designing a hybrid work model is like having to jump through hoops while wearing a blindfold if a team leader has no understanding of what employees, teams, and the entire organization are hoping to achieve by the change. Finding the right path often starts with asking the right questions: Deloitte Canada gives a list of things team leaders should ask themselves to successfully navigate the hybrid work transition. 

How marketers are adapting to the new world of hybrid working | Raconteur

Flexibility and openness to hybrid work are non-negotiables for employees but team leaders in some industries might be challenged to navigate the new environment. Marketing, for one, heavily relies on spontaneous collaboration and creativity. Does hybrid work get in the way of effortless innovation? How can marketing directors make sure it deos not? 

Boomers, bosses, and Elon Musk are all wrong about hybrid work | Fortune

Remote work has proven more productive than coming to the office. However, the enthusiasm of now flexible employees is only partly credited for these numbers – part of the reason why remote employees work twice as hard is that they have to – otherwise, managers don’t trust them. Strict oversight is productive in short term but toxic in nature – here’s how we can find a way out of it. 


Six serious challenges of hybrid work and how to overcome them | Forbes

Hybrid work has intricacies to navigate from the leadership standpoint and can be equally challenging from an employee’s perspective. Forbes dives deeper into the key issues of hybrid work – having your presence felt, connecting with colleagues, and others – and offers actionable solutions for hybrid teams. 

Holding the line in the world of hybrid work | Computer Weekly

There’s a difference in how senior leaders and line managers approach hybrid work adoption. While the former are focused on strategic planning and large-scale implementation, the latter have to take care of the granular responsibilities of adjusting workflows to the model. 

Make hybrid work work better | The Washington Post

In a collaboration with The Washington Post, Cisco prepared a full rundown on hybrid work for team leaders. In an interactive story, the company covers the groundwork of what in-office and remote teams need – from hardware and software to best practices and policies. 

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