Hybrid work news: Amazon pauses office construction, hybrid work startup raises $30 million

Hybrid work adoption is stirring the waters across all industries – tech, retail, banking, and others. Team leaders are looking for ways to navigate the new models and tools to make the most of its benefits – flexibility, inclusivity, and cost-cutting. 

To help managers and teammates keep track of the latest workplace trends, we collected the latest news, discussions, and hybrid work adoption tips. 

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News on hybrid work models 

Amazon pauses work on six new U.S. office buildings to weigh hybrid work needs | Reuters

According to the company’s statement made on Friday, it is pausing construction work in Nashville and Bellevue to reevaluate office space design and make sure it matches hybrid work trends. 

Times They Are A-Changing: State Taxes in the Pandemic Era | Bloomberg Tax

The shift to hybrid work transforms teams on all grounds, including determining the tax revenue bases. Here’s a quick look at what’s waiting down the line from Bloomberg Tax. 

Robin raises $30M to expand its office reservation software as companies embrace hybrid work | TechCrunch

Robin, office reservation software announced a $30 million Series C investment last week led by Tola Capital. The team wants to allocate these resources to help team leaders monitor office capacity and improve communication fluidity. 

Why requiring workers to spend more days in the office could backfire | CNN

All data points to the fact that working remotely during the pandemic helped improve productivity – and yet, managers are mandating employees back to offices. While their rationale – wanting to strengthen organizational culture – is understandable, not taking employees’ opinions into account can backfire. 

How to adopt hybrid work models: opinions 

Hybrid work models can leverage talent and skills across industries | McKinsey

While there is a disconnect between managers and employees, they both agree that building personal, not transactional relationships, is crucial. However, assuming that these interactions can only thrive in a physical workplace, might be a mistake. 

Nobody wants to be in the office on Fridays | The Washington Post

Research makes it clear – employees don’t want to go to the office on Fridays. It’s up to team leaders to find ways to ramp up their team’s productivity on the fifth workday of the week or let it go altogether. 

Is it up to employees to fix the remote-work promotion gap? | BBC Worklife

As more companies embrace hybrid adoption, they emphasize equality and visibility. Unfortunately, data tells a different story – one in which remote workers are overlooked and not considered for promotion. 

This tech leader was a hybrid work skeptic – until he wasn’t | FastCompany

Edward Kim, the founder of a hiring software company called Gusto, shares the lessons he learned on the company’s journey to hybrid work. Since the start of the pandemic, his approach to leadership took a 180-degree turn – from a hybrid degree skeptic to an advocate for the new model. 

Tips on hybrid work models

Hybrid work is leaving Gen Z behind. Here’s how to engage the youngest professionals | FastCompany

Younger workers were forced to enter the workforce in a turbulent time and may have had no chance to connect with managers face-to-face. As the result, Gen Z hires feel increasingly disconnected from the rest of the team, and bridging the gap is up to managers. 

Making Hybrid Models Work Is No Longer a Luxury – It’s a Necessity | Entrepreneur

At the start of the pandemic, managers and employees hoped to go “back to normal” as quickly as possible. Two years later, most aren’t excited about going to the old work style – instead, hybrid work becomes a reasonable expectation.

How to solve the biggest problem with remote work | The Atlantic

Hybrid work is complicated and confusing when no one can connect the dots between its moving parts. That’s why, as companies move into the future, they need new roles for aligning remote and office teams. 

Stop the remote work navel-gazing | Tech Republic

There is a lot of discussion about remote, hybrid, and office work. At times, managers get too caught up in trying to choose the best of the three that they forget about the end goal – getting work done. 

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