Hybrid work news: tips from the CEO of Rolls-Royce, hybrid work gets teams through the recession

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Hybrid work news

58% of Americans have hybrid work options, but challenges remain | TechRepublic

TechRepublic summarizes the latest data published by McKinsey and Pew Research to expose the challenges of hybrid work policies – inequalities, communication misalignment, and missing work-life balance. 

Survey data shows that hybrid work is the worst option for employees from marginalized groups | Yahoo Finance

A new survey released by Software Advice shows the attitudes of over 1,200 hybrid employees towards hybrid work. The data shows that employees from marginalized groups (disabled, over 55, and others) omit or hide parts of their identity to avoid discrimination. 

What’s the future of hybrid work in Massachusetts? | NBC Boston

Massachusetts is one of the US’ top states in terms of employment stability. In the latest episode, NBC Boston takes a look at the future of work in the state – looks like hybrid work takes hold and is a preferred model among employees. 

Is hybrid work a trap for women? | Financial Times

While, for men, hybrid work policies are tied to freedom and autonomy, to women it often means the inability to break free from house chores and childcare. An expert panel hosted by Financial Times explores the challenges of remote work that make women feel trapped by the new model. 

Hybrid work policies: opinions

CEO of Rolls-Royce: the key of managing a new era of work: trust your people | The Washington Post

Tom Bell, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, shares his take on hybrid work model examples. According to the global corporation leader, work is no longer a place we go to, but an activity we participate in – and committing to hybrid work is proof of this mindset shift. 

How Hybrid Work Can Help Solve Our Inflation Problem | Bloomberg

Hybrid work is highly desired by employees who seek more flexibility and autonomy. However, a new Bloomberg article makes a case for the new model as a way to increase resilience in the face of the upcoming recession. 

Hybrid Work is Doomed | The Atlantic 

Office work is restricting for employees and expensive for employers. If that’s the case, why are we still holding on to this? Ian Bogost delves deeper into the issue in a powerful opinion piece for The Atlantic. 

IT must take the lead in hybrid work | Unleash 

While hybrid work offers a lot of benefits, employees report being overwhelmed when dealing with multiple emails, juggling tools, and waiting too long to eliminate bottlenecks. Optimizing the processes is hugely a responsibility of IT departments – here’s how IT team leaders can step up to the challenge. 

Tips on running a hybrid workplace

Transforming your network for hybrid work | Cisco 

The success of hybrid work transition heavily depends on the leader’s ability to connect with in-person and remote employees. Not having immediate access to everyone on the team calls for network transformations – Cisco shares tips on getting started. 

8 best hybrid workplace communication tools in 2022 | Krisp

Supercharge your hybrid workplace with these 8 multi-purpose tools for better office experience, improved team building, and seamless conference calls. 

A Leader’s Guide to Setting a Hybrid Work Schedule | oVice 

Hybrid work is a patchwork of approaches, tools, and management tactics – uniting all the moving parts under the umbrella of a unified schedule is a challenge for team leaders. In our latest blog post, we offer a rundown of hybrid work model examples and share the best practices for making it work. 

Tips for hybrid teams | Indie Hackers

This to-the-point guide for hybrid team leaders on Indie Hackers shares a few straightforward tips for nailing the basics of managing a hybrid organization. These actionable hacks are easy to implement in workplaces of all sizes and complexity levels. 


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