Hybrid work culture news: LinkedIn’s hybrid workplace, GenZ wants RTO

We start the first week of July by bringing to you the latest round of hybrid work model news, discussions, and tips. Over the last week, we’ve seen even more companies bet on the hybrid work model: LinkedIn redesigned its office to fit the new way of working and Samsung is releasing hybrid-friendly gadgets. 

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Hybrid work model news 

Return-to-work wars: Execs at Citi, Manpower, and McKinsey on why they are embracing hybrid and remote work | Business Insider

The disconnect between work culture as seen by executives (Google, Tesla, and Apple all advocate for RTO) and employees (who prefer working remotely to a $30,000 raise) shows that we are far from aligning the two camps. The good news is that there are corporations ready to embrace remote and hybrid work – recently, Business Insider recently interviewed their leaders. 

Samsung unveils the Samsung Galaxy Bomicrook Series 2, designed to “redefine hybrid work” | Samsung Newsroom 

The new gadget helps address the weak spots of hybrid work: security vulnerabilities, mobility, and low processing power. It caters to hybrid workers with a portable design, 1080p FHD webcams, and many other features. 

Love it or loathe it: Gen Z are driving the push to work at the office | ZDNet 

Last week, ZDNet shared a hybrid work model news story covering Gen Z career plans and engagement trends. Interestingly, while young people are actively looking for hybrid work opportunities, the data shows they are also the ones valuing office time and wanting to work in a traditional workplace. 

Open Office | How LinkedIn Redesigned Its Flagship Office For Hybrid Work | Wall Street Journal

LinkedIn signals its commitment to hybrid work by rethinking its office spaces. The new design shifts the focus from desks and individual areas to meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. 

Hybrid work opinions

“Zoom firing”: are virtual lay-offs the future? | BBC Worklife

For those hoping for a personalized explanation when they are fired, being let go together with other 900 employees on a Zoom call is a dreadful perspective – yet, it’s becoming the new reality. 

How Japan firms that embrace remote work rediscover the value of office | The Japan Times

From Fujitsu to Honda Motors, a lot of Japanese companies have embraced hybrid work during the pandemic up the point of scaling down their office spaces. Months later, some are reconsidering their stance and contemplating RTO. 

Why the hybrid model is the future of remote work | Slack

Slack, a leading collaboration platform and a workplace trendsetter shares its views on hybrid work and explains why it is the model of the future. In an in-depth blog post, the company backs its reasoning with data and shares best practices for hybrid work transition. 

As the return-to-office debate rages in the US and Europe, the matter is already settled in Asia | Fortune 

In the US and Europe, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about a better way to work: full in-office, hybrid, or remote. Meanwhile, in Asia, as Fortune reports, RTO is moving along quite smoothly, with little pushback. 

Tips for adopting the hybrid work model

Creating a strong organizational culture in a hybrid world | Gartner

Gartner emphasizes the importance of deliberately creating a hybrid organizational culture. In the new post, the global consulting leader acknowledges the differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic team leadership and urges organizations to adapt to the new normal. 

Microsoft’s tips for staying productive in the hybrid world I Microsoft Blog

When it came to in-person meetings, there was room for spontaneity, even chaos. In a hybrid environment, the lack of structure and organization kills the flow and engagement of the meeting – that’s why leaders should have a conference call preparation checklist. 

4 ways to better manage a hybrid work environment | Forbes 

Hybrid workplaces have a lot of moving parts, making it easy to overlook management fundamentals like setting clear expectations or designing inclusive workflows. A new Forbes article recaps these and other quintessential management practices for hybrid team leaders. 

What are the essential soft skills for project managers working in remote or hybrid settings | Wrike

In our post on hybrid visibility, we mentioned how having the right soft skillset for navigating both in-person and remote interactions gives teams a competitive edge. Wrike, a leader in collaboration software, shares actionable tips for improving soft skills and manage projects efficiently. 

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