Hybrid work news: Yelp closes offices, McKinsey shares a report on hybrid work

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Hybrid work news 

oVice, a virtual office platform, releases a new interface to connect remote and hybrid teams

oVice, an innovative solution that brings hybrid teams together in a virtual office, released a revamped interface last week. Now, connecting office and remote teams is easier and faster than ever. 

Yelp CEO calls hybrid “hell”

Jeremy Stoppleman, the CEO of Yelp, is not a fan of hybrid work, seeing it as the worst out of three work styles (the others being full office or full remote). The company believes that office spaces are becoming obsolete and is scaling down its office presence. 

City of Johannesburg adopts a hybrid working policy

The new policy allows government workers to flexibly choose where they work. The government solidified its commitment to hybrid work by approving a Multi-party hybrid work policy – the first of the kind in South Africa.

Americans are embracing flexible work – and they want more of it 

McKinsey has released its third American Opportunity Survey – and it proves that the hybrid work model is the future for the US workforce. For example, 58% of employees reported they want to work from home at least 1 day a week. 

Opinions on the hybrid work model

What the future of hybrid work will (and won’t) look like according to 27 business leaders

To learn more about the way business leaders see the hybrid work model, FastCompany surveyed 27 executives from rapidly growing companies (Miro, Patreon) and established corporations (Microsoft, Meta, Cisco) who have become poster hybrid work model examples. 

Challenging proximity bias could be key to culture and retention in post-pandemic work 

While hybrid work brings forth time savings and flexibility, employees are reluctant to embrace hybrid work policies because of the proximity bias. In a hybrid team, there’s often a disconnect between the office team which becomes the core, and remote employees who are left out of the picture. Challenging the proximity bias is key to successful hybrid work adoption. 

Relational power is the new currency of hybrid work 

For the last 10 years, companies have been moving away from traditional hierarchical workplaces to horizontal communication. In a hybrid work environment, the shift is even more obvious. Now that managers have fewer strings to pull, they have to focus on relational power. 

Hybrid work with no strings attached for the win

In the last seven years, a lot of employees have gone through workplace shifts – many started careers at the office, shifted to working exclusively from home during the pandemic, and are re-adjusting to hybrid now. According to the Entrepreneur article, managers should help teams embrace the change through trust and autonomy. 

Tips on creating a hybrid work environment 

How to drive equitable accessibility in hybrid work 

Accessibility is one of the key advantages of remote work. During the pandemic, it gave people access to international job openings (with salaries way higher than local employers could afford) and leveled the field for those with disabilities. As offices are back in the equation, it’s essential that the accessibility lessons we learned are not forgotten. 

Hybrid, remote work, or flexible hours? Know your team and what motivates them

During the pandemic, managers had a first-hand realization that there’s no one-size-fits-all work model. For some, remote work was highly enjoyable – others found it frustrating. As team leaders look for a single approach to settle on, they should listen to their employees’ voices and look for a middle ground.  

11 ways to create an appealing hybrid work environment

In a new article, the Forbes Expert Panel interviewed Young Entrepreneur Council members to shed light on ways to make hybrid work more enjoyable, accessible, and productive. 

How to navigate the new normal of hybrid work

As executives worldwide bet on the hybrid work model, it’s important to be intentional about adoption and laying the ground rules that will keep the workplace manageable and organized. 

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