Hybrid work news: fixing hybrid meetings, failure of 3-day office return, operational challenges

Not so long ago, Musk claimed that hybrid work is inefficient and allows teammates to “pretend to work”. However, the world seems to be sharing a different opinion, as data points out to hybrid work improves employee well-being without affecting workplace productivity.  In our latest hybrid work digest, we share the latest hybrid work news that led to this conclusion.

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Hybrid work news 

Organizations struggle to support IT in hybrid work

In the hybrid environment, digital employee experience (known as DEX) is among the key factors behind the success or failure of hybrid organizations. However, tech professionals who are supposed to support employees are struggling – they don’t have enough resources and the available technology is limited. 

3-day return to the office is failing

If you have been following the digest since Day 1, you saw the turmoil created by Apple’s back-to-office policy. Before the pandemic, most employees were happy about a 3-to-2 office-to-remote hybrid work schedule, but it is no longer so. 

The mindsets of office, hybrid, and remote workers are diverging: here’s where

The number of companies switching to remote work are growing but, the truth is, most still opt for office-only work policy. According to a CNBC survey, such a decision is hurting employees’ happiness. 

A huge number of employees are rebelling against in-office mandates. The battle is just beginning

For employees, a full return to offices is a non-starter. The data published by Fortune shows that 40% of employees who work remotely at least 1 day a week would quit if they had to give up on hybrid work policies. 

Hybrid work opinions 

Hybrid work meetings are hell. Tech Is Trying to Fix Them

If team leaders thought fully remote meetings couldn’t get any worth, switching to hybrid video conferencing took the confusion out of the ballpark. From the office team joining from the conference room and ignoring remote teammates to WFH employees not knowing the names of people they talk to, hybrid meetings are a nightmare – but there’s new tech designed to fix it. 

Adam Grant’s 7 Commandments For Successful Remote Work

The host of the Worklife podcast and best-selling author Adam Grant, together with the experts from Stanford and Harvard Business School, devised 7 powerful commandments for succeeding at hybrid work. 

Empathetic Leadership For a Hybrid Future of Work 

IDC published a new report that focuses on empathy and building a strong culture in a hybrid work environment. The gist is: that managers cannot take the task lightly and need to be strategic about the tools and technologies they use to connect teams. 

How hybrid work helps workers stay productive while remote

Perhaps, employers would have it easier if everyone on their team enjoyed 40-hour in-person workweeks. Unfortunately, that is not the case – statistically, teams are more productive when different work styles are catered to. If you are a team manager eager to build a productive remote team, here are a few helpful pointers to follow. 

Hybrid work tips

How to advocate for yourself in a hybrid work environment

Since the establishment of hybrid work, there has been the fear of managers playing favorites and handing promotions to in-person workers. Unfortunately, exactly that trend is playing out. If you are on the remote side of the hybrid work model, here are the strategies to use for advocating for yourself. 

How to make hybrid work more inclusive

The challenge of inclusivity in hybrid workplaces is that, among other things to worry about, it often goes unnoticed. Despite the lack of attention it’s getting, inclusivity is crucial to keep teams together. Find out how to foster and successfully maintain it in a hybrid workplace. 

Lessons from the successful adopters of hybrid working

In the first wave of hybrid work adoption, organizations who are making the switch shoulder the challenge of trial and error. In a Raconteur article, the pioneers of hybrid work share the insights they learned as they pave the way for the new model. 

The new workplace: what young starters need to know 

Fresh graduates often struggle when transitioning to the workplace – even more so, when it’s a hybrid one. There is a lot of chaos and confusion to grapple with – heres’ how to ease into your first (and hybrid) job. 

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