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As COVID case numbers start moderately declining, employees and team leaders are facing the question: what’s the new normal like? Researchers, analysts, and team ladders alike believe that hybrid work is an answer. We are yet to try the new approach on a larger scale and see if it stands the test of time. 

To help remote workers and employers wrap their heads around a hybrid workplace, we dedicated the first episode of the weekly digest

In this episode, you’ll learn about: 

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Hottest news

Apple’s employees reject the CEO’s hybrid plan and want to quit

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is not asking the team for much – just spending one day per week at an office. Yet, Apple employees are not willing to put up with the commute and threaten resignation. 

HP is betting on hybrid

HP has announced a huge acquisition: that of an office headset maker company Poly for an astonishing $3.3 billion. It is a statement of the company’s faith in the “staying power” of remote work. 

Google employees are returning to offices

Google employees are back in offices in the company’s new, hybrid workplace policy. It is a huge change but not all employees think it is a positive one. 

Employees feel like hybrid is threatening their work-life balance

As employees are embracing hybrid work, new challenges emerge: disconnect between teams, work-life balance issues, and a need to juggle huge tech stacks. 

Opinions and discussions

How Windows is powering hybrid environments

Microsoft had the center stage in helping teams shift to remote work with its collaboration and video conferencing tool, Teams. Now it’s making Windows, its flagship OS, the frontrunner in hybrid work. 

Three key trends in the post-pandemic hybrid work 

The pandemic induced a drastic shift in the things we find important in the workplace. Specifically, employees are looking for these three things in their future projects. 

Essential dynamics of a hybrid team

Hybrid workplace can become the ultimate workplace where everyone has a choice of where and when they want to work. To feel the full potential of the new model, team leaders need to be conscious about the practices they use to build hybrid office dynamics. 

How to thrive in 2022 as a hybrid team

As more companies are embracing hybrid work, we start seeing its pitfalls clearly: the lack of collaboration tools, security concerns, and others. To juggle the expectations of new hires and executives, we need to rethink our approach to hybrid work. 

Latest hybrid work podcasts

Changing expectations in hybrid work

As they consider the widespread adoption of hybrid work, teams get a chance to be accountable from Day 1 meeting social, environmental, and performance expectations. In the latest episode of “Reimagine hybrid work”, the discussion is centered around finding a new measuring stick for analyzing the efficiency of hybrid workplaces. 

Fresh thinking of hybrid working

What does it mean to be a successful hybrid team? How should remote employees synchronize their schedules with the office team? How should in-office teammates adapt to make sure everyone is included? The new episode of Digital Workplace impact answers this and other questions. 

Hybrid is here to stay, now what? 

A powerful reflection on the way to structure hybrid workplaces from Nicholas Bloom, an HBR author and remote work researcher. 

Microsoft: the hybrid paradox

Recently, we are seeing the numbers of job resignations rise in a phenomenon known as Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle. Jared Spataro from Microsoft 365 believes that the lack of flexibility is to blame. 

Latest hybrid team management videos

Redesigning work: is hybrid the answer? 

The world of work has shifted after the pandemic but not industries are equally adaptable. Lynda Gratton, the author of “Redesigning Work” challenges the premise of hybrid work as a universal answer to hiring and retention challenges. 

Exploring Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index

How did work evolve since the start of the pandemic? A good way to monitor the evolution of workplaces is by analyzing Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index and comparing it with the 2020 report. That’s exactly what the hosts of Futurum Tech did in their new episode. 

Will the hybrid system work for your business

Since hybrid work has its limitations and is far from being a universal model, team leaders should take the time to think if it’s the right one for their organizations. In a recent Youtube video, Montell Gordon offers an interesting take on this. 

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