FJC hosts an employee onboarding event in oVice

FJC organized a online community management event at oVice to onboard their new recruitees. Typically, recruitment onboarding is essential to clarify the things to do and give a clear sense of what a company, organization, or club needs in a role.

View to the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic, recruitment onboardings and integrations are being taken online. With this in mind, HR managers are looking for the most optimal tools to host virtual onboardings as closest as possible to real-life ones.

FJC’s introspective project, organized to orient new club members, is chosen to be hosted online using oVice virtual space 🎉

What is FJC?

“FJC”, short for FTU Japanese Club, is the Japanese language club of the University of Foreign Trade in Ho Chi Minh City.

The FJC gives the most interesting knowledge of the Japanese language and culture of the land of the rising sun.

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About the event

The online community management event was held only for internal club members and it lasted for 4 hours.

The total number of attendees reached 85 members including VIP guests.

Opening ceremony and program rundown:

During the first part of the event, the MCs welcomed the attendees and played some Japanese background music until everyone joined the event space. while one member of the event organizing committee stayed at the entrance to welcome people and lead them to the main stage.

The event hosts shared the screen and did a presentation involving the different key points, board members’ positions, and responsibilities, and gave more information about the offerings of their club and their future visions.

Every now and then, the hosts would give a chance for the attendees to ask questions and do short open discussions.

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FTU onboarding in oVice

Mime Game

As for the second part of the event, the organizers decided to play a game with the attendees to increase the interactions and add a fun element to the event.

To play the game, the layout was changed from a stage background to round table circles where people were assigned to divide themselves into groups and join a circle. 

Each table had a static camera object so people could join and turn on their cameras together and play the miming game. There was also a timer controlled by the MCs.

Click here to see different games that can be played at oVice.

“Using oVice, we were able to create such an interesting and fun onboarding experience for our new club members. It is all thanks to the support team at oVice who had been incredibly helpful throughout the process, and the unique features that allowed for some very creative activity ideas. As one of the organizers, I truly appreciate oVice for bringing us this amazing opportunity and I hope to work with oVice again in the future.”

Vu Que Anh

What is oVice?

oVice is a virtual space where you can meet people in one place, talk freely, and move easily by placing your avatar on the spot you want to be at and bringing it closer to the other party’s avatar. 

Voices close to your avatar are loud and voices far away are unheard, giving you the feeling of talking in a real space. 

The environment is created to easily participate in “water-cooler conversations” that you hear by chance and dynamically shape new ideas that are born during these conversations.

You can also share basic video-conferencing tools like screen sharing, text chatting, and making video calls on the spot if needed, in addition, people can fully customize the space and tailor it to your needs.

About oVice, Inc.

oVice is a 2-D virtual space where you can talk just like in person! If you want to experience oVice, you can have a demo experience. If you would like to have your own virtual space, please apply for a free trial and use it freely for 30 days.

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