Top 7 virtual talent management and employee onboarding software platforms 

The Great Resignation may have come across as a surprise to some, but others saw it a long time coming. HR and talent managers reported that new hires struggled to adapt to new workplaces and reach their peak potential with existing employee onboarding software: 94% of human resources professionals were concerned about not having enough contact with new hires, 31% pointed out employees had a hard time connecting with colleagues, and 10% were unsure if new hires are adapting to the workplace well enough. 

Although the job market is trying to put the pandemic behind, the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work is one of its biggest legacies. Gallup data shows that 53% of employees plan on working in a hybrid environment after the pandemic. Thus, HRs and talent managers will still have to face the challenges of engagement, cultural cohesion, and seamlessness in employee onboarding. 

At oVice, we believe that employee onboarding software is a game-changer in aligning hybrid teams. It can give talent managers all the tools they need to connect new hires with the rest of the team, collect feedback, manage benefits, and improve employee education. 

Here are the tools hybrid teams use to improve virtual onboarding and career management. Take your time to explore these employee onboarding software tools – some of them might fit your team’s HR stack. 

Communication and employee experience 

For new hires (especially fresh graduates), networking in a hybrid environment is harder compared to their peers who built connections before the drastic change. According to Microsoft, newcomers struggle without casual interactions, feel excluded from conversations, and don’t get a chance to bring new ideas to the table. 

HR leaders should react to these challenges by spotting them as early as possible and supporting teams with an infrastructure for seamless communication. 

Here are the tools that can help talent managers guide new hires in their entry to the workplace. 

1. oVice 

oVice home page

The team behind oVice found a creative way to revitalize employee onboarding and help new hires connect with the rest of the team quickly and seamlessly. The company creates virtual office spaces for companies of all sizes that bring teammates together and increase accessibility. 

With oVice, new hires don’t feel as isolated and left out – they can join meetings without asking for an invite, approach people next to them for networking, and connect with peers from other departments. 

For talent managers, oVice is a powerful employee onboarding software tool that helps see how engaged employees are and make sure they adapt to the new environment. 


  • Scalable virtual office spaces for entire organizations 
  • Instant audio calls and video conferencing for seamless connection
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliable infrastructure that supports unstable connection and is accessible on low-end devices

2. Juno

Juno home page

Employee well-being is another gray zone in hybrid environments. Compared to in-office work, talent managers can have a hard time understanding which benefits remote employees need. 

Juno addresses the problem by offering HR teams an all-in-one platform for keeping track and delivering personalized employee benefits. It gives teams an opportunity to support new hires right away by helping them save time and set up productive and enjoyable work environments. 


  • A lot of ways to incentivize new hires and reward top performers 
  • Saves teams time in managing benefits and vendor procurement
  • Reduces invoicing time and admin expenses 
  • Geared for hybrid and remote teams

3. Matter


Matter home page

According to Microsoft’s report on the future of hybrid work, there’s a disconnect between business leaders and teams. It is largely fueled by the inability to casually interact with employees and ask them how they are doing. 

New hires are all the more likely to hide their struggle, due to interpreting it as a sign of weakness or not knowing who is the right person to reach out to. 

Matter gives talent managers the upper hand by helping them ask the right questions at the right time. The platform advocates for Feedback Fridays and gives new hires room for voicing their concerns, asking questions, and sharing ideas. 


  • Built-in kudos and rewards that help teammates show appreciation to each other 
  • Built-in feedback surveys 
  • Continuous feedback integration for Slack 
  • Analytics dashboard for discovering insights 

Training and employee onboarding software

The pandemic has affected the way leaders educate the workforce. Moving forward into the future, McKinsey states, both managers and employees will require specific training on how to manage teams, clients, and processes in a remote and hybrid environment. 

The way new hires learn organizational processes will change as well – in no small part due to the fact that workflows have become so complex. Meeting the increasing need for reskilling is burdensome for talent managers – that’s why they should rely on solutions for streamlining the process. 

4. Leapsome 

Leapsome home page

Leapsome is an employee enablement platform that covers most processes in a new hire’s career. The tool focuses on workplace belonging, engagement, alignment, and workplace training. 

Leapsome is a customizable employee onboarding onboarding software platform, with personalized learning plans, on-demand content release that doesn’t make new hires feel overwhelmed, and tests that improve retention. Talent managers can track the progress of the entire team on an analytics dashboard. 


  • Customizable learning schedule 
  • All orientation materials organized in one place 
  • Goal and OKR tracking
  • Personalized performance reviews 

5. iSpring Learn

iSpring home page

Adopting a learning management system helps talent managers level the playing field for in-office and remote hires. iSpring Learn is one of the most established players in the LMS market. It supports teams through all common training scenarios – onboarding, product, sales, and channel training. 

The platform skillfully wraps a robust toolset in an easy-to-use interface. Talent managers can create courses in a few clicks by uploading the content they have: documents, PDF files, videos, etc. – or create interactive materials in a built-in editor. 


  • Built-in unlimited storage 
  • A broad selection of exercises for self-testing 
  • Customizable design 
  • Easy-to-monitor learning tracks

6. Thinkific

Thinkific home page

Statistically, new hires don’t reach their peak performance until a year into joining new companies. Thinkific is an online course creator that helps get employees up to speed and help them do their best work as fast as possible. 

The platform is designed for all audiences and purposes rather than corporate training alone – nevertheless, it can help team leaders create accessible learning content without having to spend a lot of time. 

Thinkific gives course creators control over each point of a learner’s journey and requires no coding knowledge. 


  • Integrations with trusted products 
  • Fully customizable courses 
  • Detailed student data analytics 
  • Live webinars, chat, and other ways to connect with employee in training 

Employee management 

7. Gusto

Gusto home page

Gusto helps team leaders retain and engage talent by providing support, timely payroll, and a full view of hiring. The platform positions itself as the one-stop-shop employee management platform, widely used by remote and global teams. 


  • Automatic tax calculations 
  • Synchronization between time-tracking and payroll 
  • Enabling contractor payments in over 80 countries
  • Full management of employee insurance

Employee onboarding software: key to engagement and retention

In remote workplaces, employee management is crucial to team leaders. If employees don’t feel supported by training, workplace benefits, and reliable payroll or performance tracking infrastructure, they will have to deal with extra stress and anxiety. 

Through onboarding clients to oVice, we have firsthand seen how important training and communicating with new hires are. Our platform focuses on smoothly integrating newcomers into the workplace, encouraging them to connect with team members, and making sure there are no barriers between talent and management. 

Learn how our clients use oVice to improve engagement and boost employee retention. To explore the features of virtual spaces, drop by our virtual office

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