10 Essential Community Management Tools

The growth of social media and forums like Reddit made communities the center of digital marketing. Creators, opinion leaders, and brands are betting on connecting with followers, customers, and users on social media, via email, or through insightful blog posts. 

In 2022, community management has a lot of moving parts – to keep track of them, a powerful tech stack is essential. 

In this post, we are taking a look at 10 community management tools that streamline communication, running social media, reporting, and task management.  

1. oVice

Building a strong bond with your audience is hard when you don’t get many opportunities to connect face-to-face. oVice helps remove physical barriers between creators and communities. The platform offers community managers a virtual space where they can seamlessly connect with fans. 

Online community managers use oVice to host discussions, presentations, festivals, and other gatherings. The platform offers community management tools that make interacting with your fans more personalized and fulfilling. 


  • Easy to use virtual spaces for community events 
  • Video and audio chat for 1-on-1 and group conversations 
  • The infrastructure supports an unlimited number of event participants 
  • Creative layouts that reflect the spirit of your community 

2. Agorapulse

Connecting with your community on social media is important for building loyalty and long-lasting relationships. Managing multiple channels at a time is exhausting – that’s where an all-in-one tool like Agorapulse comes in handy. 

The platform streamlines brand monitoring and helps managers quickly reply to all messages, monitor social media activity, and make data-driven creative decisions. 


  • Reply to messages on Facebook and Instagram
  • Automatically schedule posts across social media channels 
  • Understand what your fans are inserted in with social listening features 
  • Access advanced analytics to see how your posts perform. 

3. Social Bakers

​​Social Bakers is another must-have on the list of community management tools for efficient community management. It saves creators a ton of time by automating communication, social media posting, and tracking mentions. 

The platform supports collaborative editing, making it easy for creators to work as a team. 


  • One community management platform for managing all communication channels 
  • Customizable social media posting calendar
  • No-code workflow automation 
  • Easy data sharing and collaborative editing 

4. Feedly

Following trends and knowing what content your fans are engaging with can help you create better articles, podcasts, videos, and social media posts. Feedly is an excellent platform for getting a bird’s eye view of your community’s interests. 

The community management platform lets creators curate a list of blogs relevant to their niche and get regular updates. Moreover, you can share your feeds with your audience on social media. 


  • Filter your feed by industry and content type
  • Quickly access your feeds in one place 
  • Use AI-driven content curation that filters out the noise
  • Share feeds via social media, Slack, or email 

5. Canva

Creating engaging, good-looking content takes a lot of effort. However, every creator had situations when there wasn’t enough time to create a banner or a video from scratch. Canva helps make sure you don’t let your community down and keep publishing consistently. 

It supports creators with thousands of editable templates for all purposes – from social media banners to videos and ebooks. There’s a basic collection of free content and a gallery of paid designs. 


  • Easy-to-edit content templates 
  • Built-in retouching and cropping 
  • Video and photo montage
  • Sound effects that bring content to life

6. Grammarly

Crispy, powerful writing will help you stand out and instantly get your message across. Developing a tone of voice unique to your community will pay out in the long run but it takes skills and experience. 

To get actionable tips on improving your writing skills, use Grammarly – an AI-empowered grammar checker. Aside from basic grammar and spelling corrections, it offers advanced tips for writing clarity and precision. 


  • Context-based grammar and spelling suggestions 
  • Cross-platform availability: use Grammarly as an app or a browser extension 
  • Advanced suggestions for sharper writing style and getting your point across 
  • Easy-to-use interface

7. Mailtrack


Email is a great way to share the latest updates with your community. However, not knowing how your audience responds to your newsletters is frustrating. 

That’s where Mailtrack, a Gmail tracker plugin, comes in handy. With its seamless interface and spot-on analytics, it supports community managers and gives them insight into how community members react to new content. 


  • Clean UI that clearly shows email opens. 
  • Full security and ownership of email data 
  • Real-time open notifications 
  • Advanced analytics and CSV exports 

8. Miro 

​​Managing a community comes with a lot of creativity and brainstorming. Whether you are thinking about resonant post ideas or new ways to engage with your audience, it’s helpful to have a place for organizing ideas, building workflows, and organizing your work. 

Miro – an easy-to-use collaborative whiteboard – is one of the most straightforward and handy community management tools.


  • Collaborative ideation in real-time or asynchronously 
  • Chart commenting and editing 
  • Different design formats for charts and graphs 
  • Built-in video conferencing 

9. Todoist

Running a community is a very fluid role – there are a lot of things happening at the same time so having a sense of structure is vital. 

Todoist helps community managers track their agendas and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 


  • Quickly add tasks to your to-do list
  • Set up recurring tasks 
  • Prioritize to-dos to focus on what matters 
  • Share your daily agenda with the team. 

10. Zapier 

Last but not least, Zapier has been a productivity game-changer for teams and individuals. The platform helps create automations to streamline repetitive workflows, set up integrations that connect the tools you use, and track processes. 

Zapier excels at helping teams build consistent workflows across email, social media, and content creation without wasting productive time. 


  • Multi-step workflow automation 
  • Flexible automation rules 
  • Seamless and fast data formatting 
  • Easy-to-build integrations with any app

Whether you are a brand manager or an individual creator, building a strong community around your product, content, or cause helps drive revenue, raise awareness, and generate exciting opportunities. 

Managing a community of fans is a lot more productive when you have the right tools to support you. At oVice, we see how committing to natural, meaningful communication with community members helps businesses, creators and influencers drive engagement and build long-lasting relationships. 

Thousands of community managers can use oVice to get closer to their audiences. Take a look at our case studies to see how influencers create unforgettable, meaningful experiences with virtual spaces. 

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