15 top virtual office spaces for remote and hybrid teams

If you are wondering “What a virtual office is?”, in the post-pandemic world it is a digital space where employees can instantly communicate and move around as if they are in an-person office. 

Virtual offices bring the best of two worlds: in-person office spaces and fully remote teams. 

On the one hand, there is the speed, efficiency, and openness of remote communication. 

On the other hand, there are the things we love about office spaces: the warmth of human connection and the productivity of everyone gathered in the same space. 

The impact and benefits teams get from moving into a virtual office depend on how well you choose a platform that fits your needs. At the moment, the market for virtual office tools is still emerging so there’s no clear-cut leader. 

Here’s a review of popular platforms that will help business owners and managers choose a platform that meets the needs of their teams. 

1. oVice

oVice is a customizable 2D virtual office provider. Companies can rent virtual office spaces on the platform to recreate their physical offices (digital twin) or use a different layout and work on an island, host a skating rink party, and so on. 


  • Web-based platform, no need to download client software. 
  • Chat bubbles for comfortable breakout conversations 
  • Virtual conference rooms for meetings and focus rooms for uninterrupted work. 
  • Multiple screen sharing 
  • Multiple floors and effortless navigation 
  • One of the best virtual office providers in terms of audio and video quality 


oVice offers spaces of different sizes and charges monthly subscriptions. There’s a different price range for single uses to accommodate online event hosts. 

Monthly pricing: 

  • 20-person team: $50/space/month
  • 50-person team: $200/space/month
  • 200-person team: $500/space/month
  • 300-person team: negotiable pricing

Single-use pricing: 

  • Up to 20 users: $25/space/week
  • Up to 100 users: $100/space/week
  • Up to 200 users: $250/space/week 
  • 300+ guests: custom deal. 

2. Gather

Gather is a gamified customizable office space. Designed initially to bring online communities closer, the platform is confidently transitioning into the virtual office space. 


  • A virtual 2D space with a gamified interface. 
  • Built-in whiteboard. 
  • Easily customizable spaces


  • Free: up to 25 users who complete the virtual office login simultaneously, password protected access, and unlimited interactive objects. 
  • Team of 20 people: $140/monthly
  • Team of 100 people: $700/monthly
  • Team of 500 people: $3500/monthly

3. Teamflow

Teamflow is a simple 2D space that breaks the distance barrier between remote teammates. It supports different kinds of get-togethers: from conference calls to casual chats. 


  • Simultaneous screenshares 
  • Collaborative whiteboard for brainstorming 
  • App integrations with Trello, Google Drive, Asana, Figma, Notion, and other tools. 


Teamflow charges a monthly fee for each employee and offers a free space for small teams with up to 5 employees. 

  • Teams up to 10 employees, 45-minute calls, 5 open apps per person – free
  • Teams up to 15 employees $225/month
  • Teams of 30 people: $750/month

4. Tandem

Tandem is a cross-platform virtual office space for rent that makes it easier for teams to collaborate in real-time, manage screen and file sharing, and handle their workflows from a single hub. 

Unlike oVice, Tandem doesn’t have a 2D office space – it keeps the conversation running with chats like the “Water Cooler Room”. 


  • Co-working: teams can work on their projects while being connected to office buddies on a low-volume video call. 
  • 120+ integrations with productivity tools like Asana, Github, Notion, and others. 
  • Cross-platform availability: Tandem runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


  • Starter: a free space that supports up to 10 users. 
  • Professional: unlimited members, $8/month
  • Enterprise: advanced security, dedicated servers, and priority customer support, negotiable

5. Topia

Topia is a 2D metaverse platform with dozens of worlds designed by creators all over the world. 

Remote teams can create and customize their virtual spaces from scratch or use premade layouts. 


  • Creative interface with an unlimited number of design choices
  • Wide range of applications: online community management, events, workplaces. 
  • A library of premade spaces and public worlds to explore


  • Free: up to 25 concurrent users, customizability, robust customer support 
  • Community: $9/month, unlimited user count, personalized URL, custom emotes
  • Custom: flexible pricing tailored to the needs of individual users. 

6. Kumospace

Kumospace is an immersive video chat platform that adds interactivity and brings out the personal aspect of scrums, happy hour meetings, and conference calls. It is a video chat platform and a virtual office space put together. 


  • Spatial audio
  • Custom URLs for virtual spaces
  • Customizable office spaces
  • New interface elements are added each week. 


  • Free: supports up to 30 concurrent users
  • Team of 30 users: $150/month
  • Team of 50 users: $250/month
  • Team of 100 users: $500/month 

7. Remotion

Remotion is a virtual office platform condensed to a sleek sidebar. The platform makes it a lot easier for managers to check up on teammates. 


  • Sleek, minimalist interface
  • A variety of spaces for work and breaks: coworking rooms, music lounges, etc. 
  • Streamlined meeting scheduling, no need to share links. 


At the moment, Remotion is in beta and free for everyone who fills in the sign-up form. The tool is available on macOS. 

8. MeetinVR

MeetinVR is a 3D space that brings an extra level of seamlessness into remote work. With VR headsets on, teammates can join immersive meeting rooms and connect naturally as if they were at an office. 


  • 3D spaces and interactive objects (whiteboards, markers, etc). 
  • Photorealistic whiteboards, sticky notes, and brainstorming tools
  • Customizable workplace interface 


  • Free for meetings with fewer than 10 users
  • Team of 50 users: $1750/month
  • Team of 100 users $3500/month
  • Enterprise: custom offer 

9. Spatial

Spatial is one of the leading metaverse apps centered around a community of creators. The platform has both a gallery of public spaces and the ability to build a controlled environment. 

Other than an appealing UI, Spatial comes with a handful of collaboration tools for video conferencing and brainstorming. 


  • Photorealistic avatars and office spaces
  • Wide range of collaboration tools
  • Integrations with top collaboration tools: Google Drive, Slack, and others. 


  • Free for creators hosting exhibitions and live events 
  • Pro (for creators who want to build control environments): $20/month
  • Special events: customized offer that depends on the project’s needs.

10. Walkabout Workplace

Walkabout Workplace is a 3D virtual office space that brings remote teams together. There are no premade layouts – each office space is created by a team of 3D designers to meet the needs of every project. 


  • Teams can create a full digital twin of their offices in 3D
  • Built-in video conferencing 
  • Virtual file sharing and storage 


Walkabout Workplace charges monthly subscriptions and offers discounts for annual billing. 

  • Single user: $20/month, $15/month for annual billing
  • Teams of 20 users: $360/month
  • Team of 50 users: $700/month
  • 100+ users: $1200/month

11. Wurkr

Wurkr helps remote teams bond and boost their productivity with a range of productivity tools: a virtual space, instant chats, multiple scrensharing, and many more. Companies use it to host meetings, conferences, and corporate events. 


  • Virtual office services through spaces with a simple layout 
  • Instant chatting
  • Multiple screen sharing 
  • Customizable workplace 


  • Lite: a free plan for teams with up to 25 users
  • Team of 30 users: $750/month
  • Team of 50 users : $1150/month
  • Team of 100 users: $2300/month
  • Enterprise: custom offer for larger teams. 

12. Sococo

Sococo is a minimalistic, easy to use virtual office platform. It allows teams to create spaces of all sizes and divide them into use areas: a kitchen, a creative zone, a chill space, and many more. 


  • Chat and video calls
  • Streamlined screen sharing 
  • Integrated with Google Drive. 


  • Team of 50 users $750/month (10 is the minimum number of users)
  • Team of 100 users: $2500/month

13. Knock.

Knock. is a virtual office that connects remote teams for meetings and casual talks. It helps teammates stay connected in a shared space even when they are working on individual tasks. 


  • Easy to use virtual space
  • Instant audio chat


The platform is still in beta so it’s free to use. 

14. Wonder.me

Wonder.me is a platform that deals with Zoom fatigue by introducing instant audio chat. Unlike some of the alternatives we reviewed above, Wonder.me doesn’t have a photorealistic office space but it gets the job done and helps simplify casual interactions. 


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • One-click group calls and one-on-one chats
  • Built-in screensharing. 


At the moment Wonder.me is free

15. Remo

Remo is a virtual event platform teams use to bond over corporate events and host conferences.


  • Drag-and-drop movement to ensure better networking
  • Teams can scale events to multiple floors and buildings 
  • Virtual spaces are customizable


Remo charges teams a monthly subscription (annual billing). 

  • Essentials: $270/month
  • Pro: $680/month
  • Ultimate: decided upon an agreement with the vendor. 

Final thoughts

The COVID pandemic was a challenge to office teams, as leaders had to adapt to the realities of working remotely. However, over time, the benefits of not being limited to physical spaces also came to light: access to international talent, operating cost reduction, and others. 

If your team enjoys working remotely but is still longing for the presence and connection you felt at the office, consider giving setting up a virtual office space. Numerous cheap virtual office tools are emerging on the market so go ahead and give them a try. 

oVice, for one, gives teams a 30-days free trial and a free tour. Take a look at our spaces to see how they help teams boost productivity and break down the walls of distance and time.